Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stuffed Baked Potatoes

I love coming home thinking about what I am going to cook as I walk through the door.

I especially enjoy when my meal takes as little effort, time and ingredients as possible.

Stress free and can you beat that!

So today I am sharing a meal I prepared the other night that took me just 25 minutes start to finish.

Ingredients for two people 
-2 potatoes (nice size for stuffing)
-cheese (whichever you favor)
-olive oil
-sour cream

I started by washing my potatoes, poking them several times with a fork and then rubbing them with oil, salt and pepper.
I placed them on a dish and set aside.
I then took handful of broccoli and added them to my pot boiled water light salt till tender to the bite not to hard not to soft. That was about 10 minutes.
During last few minutes of cooking my veggie, I placed potatoes in microwave 5 minutes each side.
Remove them carefully, sliced in the middle added my sour cream and choice of cheese. Placed back in microwave for about 30 seconds enough to melt the cheese.
When done added the broccoli and served.

My daughter added avocado to her dish you can add what you wish or just leave as is. It is an amazing filling dish and healthy.

I am trying to add more greens in my life and stay away from foods that take long prep time. I will share some of that journey with you, wish me luck.

Happy Wednesday!

Make sure to come back on Sunday. I am working on something that touches Single parenting. 
Stress free xoxo


  1. Looks yummy, Mari! I love potatoes- true comfort food :).

  2. Pinned this, Mari! Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam Weekend. #trafficjamweekend

    1. Awh Kimberly thanks!! Hope you enjoy it :)

  3. Hey! I was just out browsing some new blogs and came across yours from the Wake up Wednesday hop! So glad I found your blog :) I'm excited to be following along via Bloglovin and GFC.

    1. Hello, thank you and welcome! I was so happy to run into Wed Hop can't wait to see all the great shares:)


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