Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder Period.

There is no getting around that. Five people can look at the same thing and you will get 5 different reactions.

I have always considered myself a fairly attractive female. I know my strengths and weaknesses. I've never suffered from self esteem issues all though Taylor Dayne a singer/song writer in the late 80's and early 90's ("tell it to my heart") had me trying all sorts of lipsticks and rollers because I was obsessed with the fullness of her "look" till I snapped out if it and said "hello Mari, you're Spanish she is White. You have different features and texture".

I've never fully put focus on another woman to then beat myself up about not measuring up. Instead I've looked and admired and tweaked to fit me.
I've talked about my hair several times on my page and about my daughter's and I've said that if we didn't work with what we have our lives would not be stress free.

I feel the same way about so called beauty products.
I ran into 2 blog posts this week and the amount of products these ladies were using on their face to either clean, stay youthful or enhance was unreal.
One of them shared a picture with what had to be at least 11 different lotions, serums etc...
I am not sharing their info that would be way too rude.
But shortly after I read them I thought about my own routine.

This is my share. This is what I use at age 43. These are my tips and tricks.

First, I will STRESS less is more. If you are piling stuff on your face you are NOT going to look youthful.
Second, work with what you have lean towards natural. If you are going to add make sure it enhances what you already have not that you will walk around like a crazy clown.
Third, foundation is your friend ONLY if you are using the right shade for you and on your face not your collar or your significant others shirt or blouse.

My mother was a Mary Kay Consultant and also sold Avon during my teenage, early adult years.
I loved watching the parties she would host and all the goodies that were available BUT I wasn't sucked in and always stuck to 2 products...Mascara and Eyeliner.

Yes I've tried it all eye shadows, lip liners, rouge, foundation, blush you name it I have tried it but I always came back to my 2 tools. I should make clear that though I had access to all this makeup I really didnt care to use my two tools till after the age of 18, I didn't want to waste my morning time putting on makeup. My house rules for my daughter was 16 and in moderation and she didn't and still doesn't go past lipstick if that.
Simple and easy to maintain.
Who wants to invest time "putting on their face" before dropping the kids off at school? I don't.
Who wants to mistreat their face with all the tugging and wiping to get the makeup off? Not me.
Who wants to have a quickie with their sweetie and when your done your face is down your chin? Ummmm, not me!

I'm going to picture share what is in my makeup drawer and what I use to take care of my face.
Also what I use to care for my hair.
I want to shout out the follow products in no particular order and this is my own opinion no one paid me to use their stuff, it's just great and worth the money.

-oatmeal, any brand will do
-baking soda, any brand will do
-wash towels
-head wraps
-mascara, any brand the more the merrier
-eyelash curler
-eyebrow brush and gel (optional)
-eyelash comb/wand
-eyeliner, a variety so you can try different looks
-Eos lip balms
-blistex lip balm (you don't have to have blister issues, it's just great for your lips and compact)
-cvs brand extreme hold gel
-göt 2b hair products
-Queen Helene pink styling gel
-raw honey
-coconut oil
-luke warm water

I only use  mascara and eyeliner as I commented and I wash my face with oatmeal 2x's a day. I make a paste out of a small amount. I also leave it on as a mask twice a week for 20 minutes.
Sticking to DIY home remedies and natural products has changed how my face feels and the breakouts I experience.
Less is more on my hair has helped with dryness, damage and split ends. After all when I go to the Salon I am under the drier for more than an hour, plus blower afterwards and then the flat iron.
That is a lot of heat so I must be kind to my hair on my off days.
When I decide to leave it curly I use Queen Helene and when I go slick back and crisp I use the glue gels to keep the little hairs down.

If you look at some past posts on hair you will see I've gone from long to short and now growing back for second round of donation again. Its past my chin now so we are coming along.

Feel free to ask me specific questions if you wish. Now tell me what is in your tool bag for your natural beauty routine? Care to share a DIY body, hair or face scrub recipe?

Always stress free xo.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

So what you're saying is...I really Don't have the Right to Die?

Hello my sweets, this won't be much of a long post but it will be a bold post.

This is me urging you as a mother or father to do the right thing, the loving thing and work on your wills and know the laws in your state.

illustration provided by

No parent or young parent at that wants to think about or even discuss death but it is real and we must  do the responsible thing and prepare as best we can for it.

I have I believe made comments in the past about how horrified my mother was when I took out life insurance for my daughter about a year or so after she was born. Around the same time I did the same for her father and myself.
Having my daughter made me realize and wake up to how precious life can be and how quickly it can also go away.

The idea of mourning and collecting money for a funeral was not an option I ever wanted to be faced with.
This same thought applied when I had my Will drawn several years ago.

Let your wishes be known. Discuss these things early and often enough so the discomfort goes away and so that with your family unit changes you can make adjustments.

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I am touching on this today because of this article I came across a few days ago.
This woman and her family had to move to another state after she became ill and was dying. She wanted to have the right to die with dignity and in her terms and her state didn't allow for those options.
I learned some new things I wasn't aware of about our government and our right to die.

I am always ticked off at how much control others want to have on my life and my family structure.
Be informed and start a conversation.
Ask questions don't go through life blindly following things and rules just because they have been around for ever. Times change...adjust with them. Do what is best for your family.
Knowledge is power.

Here is link to the story, go take a look. What do you think about her request, her options and what is indeed provided?

And please lets not grab on to religion. No disrespect to anyone or any group. I am a very spiritual human being. I believe that there is no way the higher power would want me to suffer and have my family watch me suffer if I could have other options. That is just me. Spread love and respect.

Always stress free xo.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Hey lovelies

Thursday's Treat...

A photo share of my latest work as a reminder that life is too short...stop...breathe...and take a look up!!!


If you like these feel free to come visit me:
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Live with passion, follow your dreams
Always stress free xo

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is this the way it's going to be?

Happy Wednesday!
This is a repost of something I wrote early on in my Blog launch. I am renaming it and tweaking it a little because in this past year I have witnessed even more proof to back up what I have pointed out.
I follow a large number of Blogs and many touch on the very things I listed here.

-You never will get your figure back
-You will need more sleep
-You may develop bladder problems
-Your house will be a mess
-You don't want to have sex
-Your boobs will sag
-You will always feel tired and in a bad mood
-You will never have time for yourself

illustration by great

This is what I wrote then:
Have you ever spoken with a parent that did not have something to add to this list of negatives upon having a baby? Seems like more and more women focus on the cons then the pros once the baby is home from the hospital.
Ever thought about changing your approach? Sure lots of things will change; sure things will never be the same. How can they, when now you have become a parent. You are now responsible for another human being.
Let's try instead to prepare for these possible changes in the following way:
Once we are able to walk around, let’s go for walks with the baby. This will help with weight loss in a healthy manner, it will help you get out the house and even meet other new moms.
If sleep issues arise, nap when baby naps.
For sagging breast prevention purchase the proper support.
Recruit friends and family to help with home care if needed. Learn time management. Babies don't need to be held all day long so break down your chores accordingly. Organization and time management are critical to smooth parenting.
If you need to schedule time with your partner, do it. Once you have recuperated and doctor says all is fine, begin to share intimate moments with your partner at a pace you feel comfortable with. But don't begin to neglect your relation. It is not healthy for either one of you, and intimacy is more than just sex.
When the baby is sleeping, napping or just relaxing take some time for yourself to just relax as well. Don’t always use this time to catch up on other things or to complete tasks. Even twenty minutes of just sitting can refresh you.
You are not a BAD parent if you need time for Yourself. Again recruit trusted people in your life to come in and relieve you of the baby for half hour or an hour and go out and do things alone. You will both be better off for it.

This is what I write now:
I still feel the same exact way. There is no need for drowning in the negatives. Enlist help, be kind to yourself, make your own truths. Things don't have to be so difficult. Stay focused, stay positive, have fun and approach this new journey with an open mind and understanding that perfect is a recipe for failure. Flexibility is your friend.

What do you think? What other ways can we build on the positives and break down the negatives?

Always stress free xo.