Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All wrapped up in Bow

All good things must come to and end and we are now at such point with challenge #15 on September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com

Challenge Wrap-Up! share what you have learned during challenge, who you connected with and overall experience with it.

This month has been lots of fun for sure. I've incorporated 2 events on my blog while still freestyle writing, tweeting, networking, working on my photography, holding things down and celebrating the national holiday which is called my Birth Day. This has been a great September for sure.

I want to thank Kimberly for having me over and allowing me to share in her own Birth Day celebrations.

I learned on this challenge that most people are more alike than different.
I learned we are all kids at heart to some degree, that we enjoy being goofy when we can.
I learned challenges don't all have to be serious.
I learned that looking back to see how far we've come is an awesome option to have.

I met a few new ladies with great blogs of their own, who share great information and treats. So I added some great new reads for sure.
This has been a great experience, thoughtful, eye opening and fun.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Final week Guest Hosting Turn it Up Tuesday's 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Well it's here, my final week as Guest Host on Turn it Up Tuesday. Where did the time go? I have been having such a blast celebrating my Birth month and sharing a bit of the shine with TIUT's 1st anniversary.
I want to say thank you to Natasha @epicmommyadventures.com and the rest of the wonderful ladies  for allowing me to join them this month. For embracing me and my page and showering me with so much love. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart xo!
I am so glad to be leaving with a bang not only was I allowed 2 favorite choices, 1 of my choices won!!! Yippy, congrats diybudgetgirl.com.

Let's end this run on top, come join the fun, pick up some treats, leave some behind and don't forget to sign up for the Giveaway!!!
Much love, Mari xo

This is our last week celebrating Turn It Up Tuesday's birthday/anniversary this week! And we are so happy to have you back here with us (or for the first time) to celebrate...and connect...and grow!
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Tara from Anything and Everything

"Welcome to Anything and Everything! I am a wife to an incredible and talented graphic designer, a mom to a new baby boy, and to another baby of the four-legged variety. Here you will find everything ranging from DIY projects, food and drinks, kids stuff, and anything in between. With my zest for life and my husbands passion for design, we are never at a loss for unique and entertaining ideas. I try to update this blog as often as possible, so be sure to visit often for more adventures! Sit back, relax, grab a beverage, take a look around and enjoy!"
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Mila chose Chocolate Pumpkin Cake Donuts from A Dash of Sanity. "The best recipe in the world.Why? Because of these two words :pumpkin and chocolate! Nough said ;)"

Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti 1
Silvie chose Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti from My Turn for Us. "It was so hard to choose one post to feature because we had so many great ones. I have a weak spot for Alfredo sauce, so I just had to try this recipe! I loved the flavor and how easy it was to put together. Everyone in the house loved it!"

Jillian chose What You Can Learn in the Lobby Before Job Interview from Earning & Saving with Sarah Fuller. "I chose this post because everyone can always brush up on their interview skills and this has some great tips for being prepared before even going into the interview."


Cathy chose If we knew what we had from Just a Touch of Crazy. "So true! Too often do we not appreciate what we have until it's gone! I love the how a song touched her heart, as I often feel the same way about songs! We tend to often think the grass is greener in someone else's family but in reality, through the mess of day to day life....our families truly are a blessing!"
Meghan also chose this post. "I love this post. There are so many days when we get so busy, that at the end of the day, I can barely remember what we did. It is so important to just stop once in awhile and take notice. See what you have in life and smile."

Cathy chose Healthy Recipe: Carrot Cake Bites from Luv a Bargain. "Sherri takes the amazing flavors of carrot cake and combines them with almond butter to create a most delicious carrot cake bite! I love carrot cake and almond butter and I just can't get enough of this great sweet treat!"

Mari chose Fiesta Tuna Salad Sliders from 4 Sons 'R' Us. "Meaghan's slider with the Ciabatta bread looks amazing. I love Tuna and just the variety she added looks tasty and healthy for sure. I love the tomatoes and red onion mix with mayo. Can't wait to try this for sure."
And because Mari is absolutely fabulous and we love having her here, we allowed her to include a second favorite:
Mari chose Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins from Budget Girl. "Now Chelsey and the Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins! Omg I can just see myself in front of the tv with glass of milk, watching a great program and taking a bite out of that moist muffin. Yes buying the ingredients tomorrow!"

Stacey chose Halloween Wreath {hack} from Home. Made. Interest. "Halloween has always been my favorite time of year and if I could go all out...I would definitely hang one of these on every door in my house! Thank you so much for sharing!"

Kelly chose Bacon wrapped Pork Loin stuffed with Prosciutto & Provolone from Home. Made. Interest. "The combination of flavors sounds delicious..."

Yolanda chose Friday Favorites – I Love the 80’s from Krafty Cards Etc. "I selected this one because I'm a 80's baby, and reading this post gave me a great flashback. Man I LOVED a lot of the shows this blogger posted. It really bought me back to when TV was feel-good, and great for the whole family to enjoy together!"

Natasha chose Clash of the Couples from 100lb Countdown. "I am soooo looking forward to reading this book. I absolutely adore Crystal, and I love all of the writers that I'm seeing on the list. Thanks for sharing April!"

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

This one Never gets old

Repetition makes perfect when you are learning a skill.
Repetition is key when you want to perfect your craft, but Repetition of daily life activities, style or entertainment is that fun? Yes yes yes when it comes to my all time favorite movies, music or television shows.
Not so much books because I don't enjoy reading a book more than once.
I will go back to it and reread a passage for reference or research but unless I don't remember the book in general or I didn't grasp the message, I just won't read again for pleasure.

The 14th Challenge on September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge with Kimberly from beingawordsmith.com is you guessed it...Repetition.
Kimberly asked that we share our experience of the what, why, and how on our repetitive enjoyment of these forms of entertainment.

illustration by dsdominationprogramreview

I will dive right in and start with my favorite Movies, I can sit and watch over and over again...
Pretty Woman-
the concept of working with what you have at the time and then wanting more when you know better is awesome. The never losing hope of your "Prince" being out there plays to the silly romantic in me and watching a flower blossom is always fun. No need to mention 2 very attractive people in this movie.
How to lose a guy in 10 days-
I believe that in 10 days you know whether or not your into someone. It doesn't take months or years. When you know, you know. I found the truth between male and female behavior hilarious and I loved the line "you can't loose something you never had". Again no need to mention the stars.
Dear John-
love stories period. Never allow me to become to cynical about love. Keep me on the lighter, romantic side of life.
Twilight sagas-
I have a fascination with Vampires. I enjoy the history and notion of their existence. I found the idea of a love that is so impossible to be true, sweet. I enjoyed the story line and the soundtrack.
Scar face-
Greed at its extreme. Loved all the action, all the over the top lines. Al Pacino was and is so amazing to watch and one can never get sick of Tony's line "say hello to my little friend".
Transformers series-
transformations, government conspiracies, fires, fights, Tyrese, Optimus and all the in between? Enough said.

Music. It is my companion on days I have felt or feel very low and my cheerleader on those days that I can reach the sky and all is possible.

From Mary J Blige's No more Drama to Maxwell's Embrya, Juan Luis Guerra's Bachata Rosa, Drake's Nothing was the Same, Kanye West's Yeezus, Marvin Gaye's Let's get it on, Alicia Key's The Element of Freedom my style is wide and endless. I love MUSIC.

Television has been my buddy since I was a kid.

Watching Saturday morning cartoons, Scooby Doo after school, General Hospital etc...but I will always stop and watch no matter where I go or what I am doing any Little house on the Prairie  Almonzo and Laura episodes, The Golden Girls, The Nanny, Friends, NCIS, Criminal Minds or Martin.

Laughs, Romance and Crime always have my attention. And trust when I say I am keeping all things light. I didn't touch my dark side lol.

Always stress free xo

The Balance of Independence

As my Birth Day month soon draws to a close I wanted to sit for a moment and recap to myself what I thought were lessons I had learned this year. In the past just before my Birth Day arrives I review myself and my year and I give myself a grade.

Did I accomplish what I set out to do? Did I stick to my plans? How did I handle changes? Did I learn anything new? Did I help others? Did I make new friends and did I close any chapters in my life that needed closure?

This year I graded myself as ever changing, ever growing. Life can be bumpy as it is for me to be unkind to myself as well. Be kind to yourself, Always.

I wrote an independent piece for Women Connect Online womenconnectonline.com an awesome site dedicated to women, mothers, wives, singles etc...a great place with a vast collection of information and I am always happy to be part of anything sharing options and variations. They so graciously accepted and ran my post on 9/15/2014 that I would now love to share with you.

illustration by enpundit.com

As a single woman in her early 40's I have found it a bit of a challenge to balance being an independent woman, strong and confident mixing in with the Dating world today.

I have been single now for over almost 3 years, dated several men during this time and chose to not date in 2014 so I could regroup and focus on what I wanted to come into my life.

I have been in 2 committed relationships in my life, one lasted 18 years and another 2 years.
What I learned from those unions was that you must accept your partner for who they are completely.
That you must not be in denial and think you will change them, yet be aware and clear that with respect and communication you can reach amazing compromises.
That relationships take effort, time and interest.

That you must like and enjoy this person outside of intimacy. That you never stop building the friendship so that all else continues to grow and flourish.

I learned that no one likes to hear and connect the words "hard work or work" when speaking of maintaining a relationship and I agree. I use to think that was the correct way to think of things but I have learned that no one really enjoys "work" and to most the idea and thought of "work" is a bit harsh and heavy.
If we are working 40 hours a week for example who then also wants to "work" at connecting with someone they love?

So this year has been a great lesson, those men I dated also taught me some great things.
Get to know yourself, be ok investing time on you, be clear in what you want and live life.
Be open to all possibilities, let go of the idea you have all the control because in reality we only have plans and goals but Life has its own way of sometimes presenting some bumps on the road and we must be able to breathe and be ok with that, let go and move on.
You attract what you put out, so make sure you are baggage free.

I have finally found the Balance of Independence.

Always stress free xo.