Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What You think of me doesn't Cloud what I think of me

She's fat, she's too skinny, she's lazy, she's disorganized, she's a whore, she's a prude, she's a gold digger, she's boring, she's a bitch, she's a pushover, she's a control freak, she lets people walk all over her. You got a small glimpse of me and now you think you know me.

 The same list of assumptions could be tweaked and directed at a man in the end daily there are people walking around looking at us and making up their own stories about who we are. Are you going to allow their version of your story to be your truth? Are you going to cower down or stand tall and keep doing you?

Investing time and energy into trying to correct someone's thoughts of who we are only starts to slow us down and becomes a burden of unnecessary weight to carry. On most days its just a deflection on the part of those people and what they have going on in their own lives.

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When I began to Meditate and began to hold myself accountable for how I was communicating with others the words I heard most often were "think you better than". I would have to stop myself and ask where that was coming from I was simply changing some of my old behaviors and making better choices for me. I had to in time accept that not everyone wants you to succeed and if they are down they want you down right next to them. I had to begin to cut those ties that were clipping my wings.

How can we walk proud in who we are when others say or think something different?

Well first we must begin by looking in the mirror. Is that person staring back at you ashamed of their actions, of who they currently are? If you live long enough, and our elders do tell us, that you will have made some mistakes but those mistakes don't have to make you. On any given day we can start again, do something different to get on the right track.
Once we do that our next thought should be about perception. We all see things differently, experience things in a variety of ways. Go to a movie with a few friends and you will see exactly that come into play.

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What you think of me doesn't cloud what I think of me. Be comfortable in your own skin, look within and present your best self.

Perception is individual and derives from our current emotions. Feeling positive than your eyes see only beauty, feeling like crap then your eyes only see gloom.

What you think of me doesn't cloud what I think of me. Focus on constant evolution and block out the unnecessary noise.

What are your thoughts? Does what others think of you matter more or less? Does it help you become better or does it keep you focused on the negative? Leave your comments, lets chat.

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Always stress free xo, 

Monday, June 27, 2016

End of June Turn it Up Tuesday

Hey everyone glad to see you back once again for another week of fun and great shares. Last week was amazing please keep them coming. We are already at the end of June let's make the most of these summer weeks. Let the party begin!

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