Sunday, May 24, 2015

A New York Minute

My city can be crazy but the energy is so contagious. There are many days I think about moving away, getting as far as possible from all the pollution and noise and fast pace living. Getting away from these darn body beating winters.
But then I take a walk or a drive or a rare ride on the train and the spark is once again ignited.

Where else can I get serenaded by a homeless gentleman one moment and sit on the train next to a celebrity the next? Where else can what you see, smell, taste, and touch change so quickly? I love my NYC.

Saturday I decided to take my camera for a stroll in the Financial District/World Trade Center, by all the hustle and bustle of money, politics and power. I haven't really been in that area since 911. I had no real idea what to expect, only what I've seen on television or heard.

As my train entered the station, the last stop, World Trade Center, Chambers Street, I got a lump in my throat, a queasiness in my stomach and my eyes began to water. People had died here. In this station, on a regular working day, sunny and ordinary...lives were lost. I took a deep breath, walked out the train onto the platform and looked around. You would have never known the station looks wonderful. I walked down a path that signaled I would exit by "the site" and as I claimed the stairs my heart pounded faster. I reach the top see all the people, turn the corner and there it of the Towers. Beautiful, shiny and new. Tall ever present shouting look at me. I took another breath, blink a few tears away and take my first picture.

tower view from sitting on the ground looking up

So many people, so many different reasons for being there, some from far away, and for some this was/ is home. So many stories, so many things to take in. I continued to soak in as much as I could. I at that moment was a tourist as well. I read the signs, grabbed the pamphlets being handed out I walked in awe with my camera out. I took another picture. I closed my eyes, I said a few words and walked away.

When I decided to go on a camera date I hadn't imagined those moments but they happened. I also didn't want to invest my energy in sadness. I wanted to enjoy the day and not waste the Sunshine. I decided to walk the rest of my day in gratitude and in building a beautiful memory just like I am sure all those who were no longer here had done so often in their lifetimes.

Battery Park

I walked through Battery Park, Battery Gardens, saw the Statue of Liberty from a distance ( I must visit her up close someday), saw the Ferries leaving the piers click, click, edit, refocus, click. I watched a wedding party taking pictures, I walked over to the Stock Exchange stopped to admire the Bull, City Hall, Hemsley building, South Street Seaport head up, neck twisted, click, click on my knees, at an angle, in the shade, click, click.
Stopped by CVS grabbed a bag of Sun Chips and a Sparkling Ice drink, walked back to the train. Wow I've walked a lot today, look at the time.

I happen to like this view much better

My train was so eagerly awaiting me and with a song. Remember how I started my share? The homeless gentleman was singing a catchy tune, he got off on the following stop. On the stop after that a beautiful lady with a great coral color pantsuit walked in. Her hair had gray tones and was flowing. She looked so perky and happy. It wasn't who she was that caught my eye first it totally was her whole outfit but I knew who it was none the less and looked around to see if anyone else did too.

She sat right next to me! I was eating my chips, sipping my drink but I knew I wanted to acknowledge her so I cleaned up leaned in and said " excuse me I don't want to bring attention to you but I wanted to say I love your outfit and confirm that you are Blythe Danner." She said, "oh thank you and yes I am". Now if for some reason someone who is reading this doesn't know who she is, I will say this which will then make you say "OH". She is Gwyneth Paltrow's mother. But I made sure I addressed her as the person and actress she is first and foremost. Though I am Erica's mother, I was Mari first and as a mom it is always great when you are recognized as you first.

We had an awesome chat, she complimented my leopard print sweater and matching sunglasses. We talked about NYC weather and climate change (by this time it had gotten cold compared to start of the day), we talked about her commuting from California to NYC and which did she prefer, where I lived, we chatted about nutty politics lol. When her stop was coming up we said our goodbyes, smiled and waved and she was gone. Just like that and as they a New York minute.

The rest of my ride home I smiled, listened to Maxwell's Blacksummers' night album and closed my eyes. What a day, what an adventure, what a blessing, what a Gift all in a New York Minute.

Always stress free xo.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Roasted Shrimp w/ Tomatoe and Spinach Penne

Good Morning lovelies have crazy busy day today but love it. I didn't want to miss sharing this with you so I wrote it last night, enjoy.

Hey guys hope your week is going well thus far, I just came in from a great walk in the park by my house, missed my walks for sure.  I took some wonderful pictures of the new flowers they planted this year. Such vibrant colors and different types I will share them shortly once I edit and watermark.

You can imagine I don't want to invest to much time in the kitchen after that so I am whipping something up that will only take me around thirty minutes.

Thursday's Treat!
Roasted Shrimp w/ Tomatoes and Spinach Penne pasta

-olive oil
-black pepper
-crushed pepper
-lemon juice

Before I left for my walk I left 2 handfuls of medium shrimps already cooked and cleaned in a bowl with cold water to defrost/thaw out. When I came back they were ready to go.
In a bowl I mixed 1/4 black pepper, 1/4 crushed pepper, 1/4 salt, 2 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. I added the shrimps tossed together a few times and set aside.

I took medium pot added water, some salt and a little olive oil and set on medium heat. I added half a bag of my pasta mixed it all up and began to cook that for about 10 minutes. I set my toaster oven to bake at 425 for 10 minutes as well and placed my shrimps in a cooking pan already sprayed ready to go. I saved a little of the mixture to drizzle on my pasta after if I choose to.
Remember my pasta is already Tomatoes and Spinach so it doesn't need to much extras.

Once my shrimps were nice and pink and my pasta al dente, I drained the pasta served in a plate topped with my shrimps. I tossed the pasta with remaining mixture before I served. I added a few slices of Gouda cheese I had from my last deli visit just for fun.

Done easy quick and fun.

Always stress free xo.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Did you hear? Big Pouty Lips are In!

My loves hope you are having a wonderful day today. I see so many getting ready for Memorial Day weekend, I know I am looking forward to my week off after yippy!
I promise not to drag on this subject I know its practically old news being we live in such a fast paced society and she finally confessed. I just really want to share my thoughts and perspective.

illustration by

From my window, my view, my life I have always been around women with fantastic lips. Again, it isn't until someone else finds what is normal to you so revolutionary that you stop and pay it some attention. I realize now that to be fare I have to be open to keeping focus on years and years of being taught through magazines, bill boards, television etc...what is Beautiful.

Here I am again addressing another body part Lips. Both genders have them but the sexualization attached when it comes to women has reached a new peak. By now many of us have seen, read, heard about this Kylie Jenner Lip challenge, , The use of shot glasses and other tools to plump up our lips in hopes to make them fuller and more sexy.

illustration by

This is how far back I recall coming across anything related to this, when I first laid eyes on Mick Jagger. This was a man with huge lips but did it really phase me? no. It only opened my eyes because he was a man. I wasn't something I deemed news worth. Then came Angelina Jolie and seems the world went crazy and here today we have Kylie Jenner.

First of all she is still a developing young lady, why so much emphasis on her looks, style etc...With that being said ok let's get back to the lips. Why the big deal really? Why months and months on this same topic when there are far more news worth items? Well I think but could be wrong it has to do with people's obsession with celebrities and appearance. Now I even read its totally ok to be curvy or to have no Thigh gaps, to go without makeup and the wake up and be comfortable in your own skin. Wow! really? I have woken up many many days thinking this. I have looked in the mirror and seen big lips all my life. I never knew they weren't in.

illustration by

But I get it, society has done its job. It's made many of us hate ourselves and value others. It's made women always think we can look better, do better, be better. That if we just make that small adjustment then you will beautiful.

Ladies please! Stop falling for that BS!!! Own your individuality, welcome it, Praise it. Once you see the beauty in yourself others will follow. You are beautiful to me.

Share your thoughts, tell me your story.

Always stress free xo.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Turn it Up Tuesday

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