Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not your Cup of Tea

Opinionated, Stubborn, Honest, Reliable, Loyal, Funny, Passionate and Loving.

These words I use to describe myself.

As July 2014 has been a trying month for me it has forced me to sit with myself and think out loud.
It has tested what I thought were pretty good plans, goals and attitude.

As my Blogging journey quickly approaches the much grateful year 1, I have come to clearly understand and slowly accept I am not everyone's Cup of Tea.

When I originally thought about sharing my parenting journey I was very excited and ready to go! I couldn't wait to touch on certain subjects or share the philosophies that had so clearly worked for me, my home, my family, my daughter.
I only saw the fun parts, I wasn't concerned with the possible negative comments and I certainly didn't care about monetary gain and to some degree still don't.
I wasn't prepared though for the slow process of growth and acceptance.

I wasn't prepared to accept that perhaps my laid back, care free, no drama, very little rules, very little craft skills was not going to be so inviting after all.
I don't go on rants about my life or use profanity to express my distaste of something or someone.
I don't complain daily, I am not a hater, I rarely touch on Fashion or Celebrities.
I can't even really pin point a downside to my 19 years of parenting except Potty Training and 19 years is a very long time in Mommywood.
I only have 1 child, I don't hate my ex's, I love my job, I don't diet, I enjoy minimal exercise and I love to eat!
I practice Yoga and Meditation, they are additions to my life that bring me peace and connect me to humanity and I prefer laughter to anything else and I believe there is a solution to any and every problem and I refuse to remain stuck.

Mind you that Blogging is filled with many many different styles and tastes, I am just highlighting a few that I have come across in Blog Mom sphere.

So what have I learned this year and why am I still here?

Well because being different is awesome. Not following the crowd is great. The women and men I have connected with have been wonderful blessings!
-I have learned how to make great new dishes, how to work with a glue gun properly, how to make my own natural face and body scrubs.
-I have learned about different cultures, I have traveled to places I may never see through the great picture shares of other mommies I follow.
-I have shared in some great First for many families, I have laughed a ton and shed few tears.
-I have been amazed at some stories and how with Faith and determination obstacles have been overcome.
-I have learned about Autism and the challenges it truly presents to each individual family.
-I have been made more aware about Sensitivity Disorders and what that exactly means.
-I live vicariously through some of these beautiful women's closets and fashion sense.
-I have learned that Mommy Blogging is filled with more good than bad so be grateful for variety and it's ok if you stop every now and then and read a rant or two.
-I have learned that all parents want the same end result...happy, healthy, loving children.
We may take different roads but we all want to get to the same place.

So I have decided to no longer concern myself with the quantity of followers I have but instead cherish, love, respect and enjoy the quality of followers I have.
No number can diminish the great life I have been blessed to travel or the countless hours of joy my daughter has bought me.
If Living in Mommywood can touch just one person, inspire that one hardheaded adult into seeing that change in attitude at any age is possible, teach one person that being a mom or a dad is not being a ruler but a guide and that communication is the door to a peaceful home and connection with our children then I have all the followers I will ever need.

No I am not everyone's Cup of Tea but I may be your Cup of Tea and I am grateful and pleased with that!!

Mommyhood has been good to me, it's taught me so many things about patience, love and acceptance.
It has taught me that we can plan and try to prepare as best we can but in the end kids have their own agendas so we have to roll with the punches.

Thanks for coming over to visit hope you stay but if you don't it's ok much love anyway...
Always stress free xoxo

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hair Hair Hair

Three people inspired me to touch this subject.
-Blue Ivy
-The lovely Courtney Conover over
-The cheerful Jennifer Borget over

We all have hair issues some more than others and some more extreme than others.

Women especially seem to be hit with the most criticism and it comes from other women!

The Catty disease I call it.
Where instead of building each other up we tear each other into shreds till we fall to the ground.

Just for clarity purposes I will point out three things.
-I am Hispanic / Latina
-I have an abundance (thank you up above) of hair
-My hair is black, thick and curly

As a child I recall many days of  "bad" hair days. When you have hair such as mine it does not take just a few minutes to do and walk out the door.
I remember many days of pony tails and crying when I washed my hair.
I remember in my early teens, hitting myself in the head (yes I know, what!?) with the hair brush because my hair wouldn't behave.

It didn't help that my mother didn't look for better ways to deal with my texture. I mean her idea of dealing was taking me to the Salon / Beauty Parlor and having the lady either put some straightening treatments or having them put these hugh rollers in my hair that when I got out the dryer my hair needed it's own space. It was so high up and bouncy I didn't even want to walk outside.

By the time H.S. came along I was better able to handle my own hair styling. It still could have used some work but it was much better for sure.
I was aware that humidity was my enemy.
I was aware that during the warm months I must keep all styles to bare minimum.
I was aware that rubber bands, head bands and gels were my best friend.

It also didn't help that all the models during my trying years had straight, soft, hair.
That all the products catered to White women's hair as you saw on television.
Thank god for music videos and magazines like Vanidades and Ebony. Thank god for my grandma and her Spanish channels and thank god I lived within the five boroughs of NYC where I got to experience a vast variety of women and styles.

In my early twenties I finally learned to accept that yes my hair texture was different but not bad.
That there were many women who actually envied and did things to their hair to make it look like mine.
That I had to go to places and people who knew how to deal with my hair so I wouldn't hear stupid comments like "oh my god you have so much hair" um yes I do and thank you!!!
That yes I have to work and do certain things differently to my hair that other women may not, but that it's ok and that it's the right thing to do for me.

When I had my daughter I never once gave it a second thought on how to handle her hair.
I knew better, I used better tools and I had experience.
Though my daughter's hair is of a different texture, because her daddy's hair was different than mine she was blessed with the best from both of us. Trust when I say my daughter has a lot of hair.

I took my time with her. I allowed myself extra hair time in the mornings. I bought all sorts of pins and ties for her. I gave her hair treatments ( natural ones) once a month. During the warm months we did bare minimum and away from the face.
No alcohol based products so we could avoid damage and dryness.

Throughout my thirties I allowed my hair to grow long. I followed all my rules and I enjoyed a great happy run. I had the Rachel, I had all the great long hair styles the celebrities sported.
Then a few years back I got bored. I got tired of the weight, of the responsibility it took to maintain the look and the effort it took so it could look like it took no effort at all.
I wanted a change but wasn't sure of what to do.
Then I saw Hillary Swank on Oprah cutting off all her hair and donating it!

I had found the answer I was looking for! What a great way to make a change and help someone else all at the same time.
I looked up Locks of Love (locksoflove), an organization that uses your donations to provide wigs for children dealing with hair loss issues. The information was great, I loved what they stood for and since I had lost my friend Cynthia to a type of Cancer I felt she would be proud of me as well. She was another one with a Lion's mane of hair till she got sick.

One of the requirements is 10 inches long or more. That was easy for me, my hair was waistline length just the right order.
I went to their website signed up, got the tools in the mail and off to chopville I went.
I took my daughter with me as moral support and told no one about what I was about to do.

When I got there and told my stylist my intentions her eyes opened up so wide I thought I was looking at a cartoon.
The word spread quickly and everyone was shocked and gasping. "OMG, why would you want to do that?" "Wow, I would never cut my hair" "What will your husband say?" "Are you crazy?" etc...etc...
Are you serious? All that because of some hair? It's only hair!!!
It will grow back.

Needless to say, hair was chopped off to a little above shoulders and has been chopped off even more after. I felt such a relief and so proud of myself.
Women should not be defined by their hair or any other part or thing on their bodies!!!
Let's learn to work with what we have and enjoy what we were given.

The harsh comments about Blue Ivy were eye opening to me. The judgment on a child's natural hair and the opinions shared? Unbelievable.
My lovely Courtney's hair dilemma shares one being on her son taking swimming lessons and my cheerful Jennifer for wanting to leave her sons hair alone made me stop and recall my own hair journey.
Thank you for inspiring me to share my own road block and how I jumped right over it ❤️❤️❤️

-Courtney Conover

-Jennifer Borget

I'm including links to both ladies so you can visit with them as well and I am including pics and link to Locks so perhaps if you have been debating getting a new look this can be a push to take the leap!
Options Options Options!!!

Always stress free xo

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tomatoes with Mozzarella garnished with Carrot strips & Cranberries

Had a trying day yesterday. 
Still working out the bumps with my grandma's new home attendant issues, mother coming along from what my sisters tell me and then the one thing a parent never wants to get...a text from their child that says "mom had accident at work, the Paramedics are here, I will be ok." What???!!!
To make long story short my sunshine hurt herself on a machine at work, will need reconstructive surgery on her left hand thumb but she is doing ok, we got home from the hospital late last night.
Best believe I am just going with the motions and breathing. Full plate indeed but taking one bite at a time.
I didn't want to have my little bumps stop my share of a... 
Thursday treat!!! enjoy :)

Came home a few nights ago after much running around.
Left my office in Queens to go visit with my grandma in Brooklyn and run errands for her then headed back to Queens to get dinner ready and settle down..finally.

It was way past 7pm so I didn't want to get into anything heavy, I opened the fridge and took out
-mozzarella cheese
-Craisin bag (I always try to keep one of these around, can add to just about anything)

I did my plate first because my daughter was not home yet so that's picture share you see.
I cut up the tomato, a slice of cheese, stripped the carrot.
I placed tomatoes on the plate, began to layer with cheese slices cut into squares, carrot strips and sprinkled some cranberries...done!

I didn't add any dressing or salt but if you wish you could.
I didn't want to disturb the flavors already present. I love the sweet of Cranberry with the Tomatoes.

So here you have it another quick and easy meal with just 4 ingredients.
Its healthy for you and refreshing for a nice summer break from heavy kitchen duties, Enjoy

Always stress free xo

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Words are not just Words

It's hot, I am juggling work, time with my daughter, a 90 yr old grandma, an ill mother, my blog, my photography, my home, my responsibilities, my life.

We all are juggling something right? So today I took the time to put together for myself and for you a few of my favorite quotes.
Those words I turn to when I need a little push or reminder that life is Beautiful and that nothing last forever so breathe and keep on going.

Hope you enjoy the share, let me know what you think and share what helps you keep on moving on those days you think you have had enough.

"The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation
but thought about it.
Be aware of the thoughts you are
~Eckhart Tolle

"Fear is not an Option"

"It's ok that someone can be in your 
but not in your 

"Letting go gives us freedom
Freedom is the only condition for 
~Thich Nhat Hanh

"Now is not Forever"

"Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you,
they're supposed to help you discover
who you are"
~Bernice Johnson Reagan

"The things that make me different
are the things that
~Winnie the Pooh 

I keep these close by so I can always be mindful.
Always stress free xo