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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How much is Too much to give our kids?

Mommy I want some cookies, ok.
Daddy I don't want to go to grandmas, ok.
Mommy I don't want to go to my own bed, ok.
Mommy get me that toy, sure sweetie.
Daddy lets go to the park now, I don't want to take a nap, ok honey.
Mom Sarah's mother let her dye her hair I want to do it too. Honey I don't think that's a good idea you’re too young to dye your hair. Oh mom your no fun, Sarah's mom is so cool. You never let me do anything. Oh k honey you can dye your hair.

Are you raising a Brat? Why is your kid a Brat? What defines a Brat?

Ever ask yourselves these questions?

-When you Give your children everything just because they ask or you can.
-when your children have no sense of value
-when your children expect to be given things from everyone.
-when your children don't know manners
-when your children talk back to you and call you names
-when your child throws his or herself on the floor as means to get their way
-when your child strikes you in any sort of way
-when your children measure the value of something with a label, a cost or a specific store

Then your answer to the questions above is YES.

Are these the types of kids we want to raise?

Life is not just about getting. In life not everyone will just give.
We must teach our children respect.
We must teach our children that they must earn.
We must teach our children that us loving them means saying NO at times.
We must teach our children quality not quantity.

What do you consider Brat traits? How do we feel about the Brat label?


  1. LOVED this. I feel that I grew up a 'brat' and I desperately want to parent my children differently. Thank you for this reminder. Parenting must be intentional!

    1. Niki thanks for visit and comment. Yes intentional is a great word choice. We always should try better than what we had.


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