Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My little Stripper

Oh how I love to be around babies. I love everything about them. There is nothing like having a baby in your arms and cuddling up with them. Nibbling on those soft cheeks, priceless.

Now Toddlers! The little people we still have to take care of yet they have a mind of their own. The stage in which they don’t rely on you as much but you still have to keep on top of them. The stage in which everything gets tested and you never know what to expect.

What to do when your little one loves to stripe?
You bathe them, put on a fresh diaper, cute little outfit and off you go. Ten minutes later you turn around and they have nothing on. You take them to visit a friend, you put them down and as you get lost in conversation when you come to see, they are down to their diaper.

Why don't you try this?
Put diaper on backwards, makes it harder to pull tape straps off
Use Onesies
Use an added layer of some sort of tape over the diaper straps
Let your little one run around "bare" for a little while, it will be fine. We all have moments when our clothes feel suffocating
If at home allow your little one to go around with just a diaper, no need for all these extra clothes.
Let them be comfortable in their space, sometimes it may mean wearing as little as possible. Learn to be ok with that.

Now some may take issue with my word play but I just will smile at that.
What else can we do to reduce the stripe show?


  1. lol, bring back the good old days. If i could press rewind to hold the moments just a little while longer, it creates a warm spot in my heart just thinking about it. My daughter use to hold on to the drumstick and omg that poor chicken drumstick lol sweet memories

  2. Thanks for the walk down memory lane Mari! I always forget about those hilarious little moments that weren't quite as funny when you are in them as they are looking back. Great tips for helping with "little strippers" :)!

    1. Candace, yes funny today not so funny as it is happening indeed!!


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