Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving wrap-up & my post on Spending money Wisely...Not!

So I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving! Some of us may still be eating some type of left over, I know we are.
I had a great time cooking this year everything came off without any glitches. I made a Roast for the first time it came out so juicy and the color was so toasty!

I tried 2 new desserts added some twists to suit my liking and they were a hit. I got the recipes over at and go check them out!
The  cupcakes over at tablespoon I switched the Dulce de Leche for Condensed milk 1 can and the spice cake with Betty Crocker French Vanilla mix. My daughter and her friends went nuts for these.
Cathy over at three kids said use 10 mini bars & chop but I used a whole bag of mini kit kats and the results were fantastic! I want to thank both sites for great treats to indulge my sweet tooth. I am including pictures so you can see...

Now on to my Sunday post...

Ok so this is a no brainier I think.

This is one we should add to the pile of this is how you spend my money, yet I am always hearing how there is no money for abc.

I am not against learning or gathering information. I am not against wasteful energy either but not on my dime. Not at the expense of me not being able to reap the rewards of my own tax dollars.

illustration by money

I work just as hard as the next guy, I've lived paycheck to paycheck, I am a single parent and I am putting  my daughter through college.
I am working towards "building the American Dream".
I have learned that the playing field to do so unfortunately is not even or realistically obtainable for all. But even these thoughts or truths I will not allow to stop me from living my life stress free.

But this...this article I came across a while ago had me talking pretty loudly with my co worker.

Note: This is not an obesity or fat shaming post this is an open your eyes be aware post.

The Federal Gov wasting money on research to find out why "fat girls can't get dates?"
You need to research this? And with MY money?
I mean the answer is right under your noses.

You promote less than healthy body images.
You say size blah blah blah is TOO big
You talk about body fat in elementary school
You don't provide enough perks for our farmers to be able to provide us with great quality products so we can afford less processed foods.
You don't address the health issues that may cause someone to be over weight
McDonald's and other fast food chains can feed us for less than $5.00 but a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread cost me more than that at the grocery store!
When people like Jaime Oliver or Shaquille O'Neal have wanted to address our schools lunch programs and provided awesome alternatives, they were blocked by "something" or "someone" in every direction.

I can speak on this all day. There are many reasons heavy people can't get a date and I would love to engage in these discussions if it will provide healthier life styles and options BUT please just don't use my money to fund your nonsense when I have tuition to pay and the government says I make too much money for my daughter to qualify for anything plus I have to fund her textbooks that cost an arm and a leg and I have daily living to do. Yet our government won't invest in our children who are our future and deserve great educations maybe even for free...but that's another post let me stay focused.

Bottom line...Stop wasting my money!!!

What's your opinion, please share and add your take on this.


Always stress free xo.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me in your post, I truly appreciate it very much! :-) LOVE the tweak that you made by using the whole bag of candy bars, I am so trying that next time! :-)
    Thank you! Cathy @ three kids and a fish

    1. Cathy your welcome. It was a great share indeed lots of happy tummies :)!

  2. Love this post! Pinned and tweeted. Thank you for being a part of our party. I hope to see you on tonight at 7 pm. It wouldn’t be a party without you!
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls

  3. That is so unfortunate that the Government makes things hard for people who work very hard. You sound like an awesome mom who is dedicated to her daughter good for you

    1. Amina, thank you. Appreciate the visit and comments. I think our tax dollars should be used wisely for sure. We hear everyday about so many programs that need attention. I think they should start there. Hope to see you here again soon :)


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