Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Favorite Season in Pictures

Happy Sunday everyone! It's a gorgeous day outside and since I keep running into these darn end of summer posts, back to school blah blah and even lets start saving for Christmas stories I decided to head out the house early go out and enjoy my day but leave you with this.

If you were to ask me what my favorite season is I would respond...Summer, period hands down.

Being born and raised in a place where I experience the four seasons I have learned to lean towards warmth. New York City in the summer time is a different animal. It really is a collection of things to see and that's starting with the people. The places to go to and the many things to explore is another.

Summer is my favorite season because I get dressed in half the time compared to Winter. I never have to cover my feet and it's daylight for a longer period of time. I always feel energized and ready for an adventure. I don't concern myself as much about bad weather weekends or like to spend too much time in the kitchen.

Summer brings flowers, green grass, warm breezes and sand between my toes. Summer means intense Sunlight and cold Ice Cream. Amusement parks and Street Fairs. Summer means dinners outdoor, drinks with friends, strolls and holding hands. Sprinklers and slides, bike rides and flying kites.

Summer shows off those nice legs that were covered up during the cold, those abs your neighbor has been working on and that new pool in the community center gets put to good use. Summer means Freedom. What a shame it seems like it just last for a short time.

In my NYC today we have the Dominican Day Parade shout out to all my fellow Dominicans, lets go out and have some fun but lets also pray for those in distress. We have Harlem week, lots of great food and events and we have just day to day activities in all 5 boroughs so if your in my neck of the woods grab a map and get out there.

 Here are some pictures to encourage us to get out and keep us in the mood longer...




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Always stress free xo.


  1. You take beautiful photos, Mari. This time of year, I sometimes miss NY- never in the winter, though.

    1. Thank you Jovina I know right Winter in NYC isn't too cute especially this last one we had lol. But! it could totally be a lot worse. Thanks for visit and comments

  2. Beautiful photos. I wouldn't want to trade NYC weather for NC in the winter but I really hate summer. It's too doggone hot and humid and it's more like prison instead of freedom for the things I want to do. Fall (here) is my favorite. It's not a typical fall, probably would still seem like summer to some northerners but that's when we get a break on the weather/humidity and it's beautiful. It really doesn't get "cold" until January and then it's really only for a month and a half.

    1. Thanks Kenya! I'm glad you liked :) Well I'll be sure to keep that in mind as I start to make a list of places to move to that Winter is barely an issue. This past one really pushed me away from NYC when I get older. Thanks for visit :)


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