Sunday, April 3, 2016

Brainsparker, a stuck writers helpful tool

Always go with you passions. 
Never ask yourself if it's realistic or not
 ~Deepak Chopra

 captured as I stood in the middle of the George Washington Bridge

One of my classmates in my writing class and writing group shared with us the other day this app called Brainsparker. It provides daily prompts to stimulate writing and encourages thinking outside the box. It helps you explore topics you would perhaps not tackle in your writing on a normal basis. For bloggers such as myself it helps greatly in those times you don't know what to write about.

It happens to the best of writers so why not accept it, embrace it and use tools to work through it.

One of my prompts this week was on Passion. On following it without question and seeing what develops. I found it funny being I was also in the middle of editing some photos and my daughter the sunshine of my life was in the middle of sketching and painting. There is always some form of expression going on in my home.

Being surrounded by things I love and people that bring a smile to my face is always what I grab on to when I need encouragement to explore my Passion.

The things that make life worth living can't always be bought.

Here's to cultivating our Passion and seeing where it leads us...

Always stress free xo

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