Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Appropriate Clothing? What does that really mean?

In light of all this Miley Cyrus news and the outrage about her outfits her good ole Hannah Montana days being gone, the questions about what is happening to her and so forth I began to think about What is Appropriate clothing? Is she just as I have commented before only doing what all young women do and exploring her sexuality, coming into her own or is it truly a problem? Do age and appropriate clothing go hand and hand? What exactly is appropriate clothing and who deems it so?

Let’s explore this some more. Are there clear distinctions between playing dress up and down the line wanting to wear certain items outside of the home?
I find that this is a slippery slope especially in the female gender. Moms buy the makeup kit for the three or four year old then have an issue when that same child is eight or ten years old and wants to go to school in full blown clown gear.
Or when they allow them to wear the heels at four to match their Snow white costume but have a huge fight at the mall because in eighth grade she wants to wear heels to her dance.

Is it Sexy for a twelve year old to wear a belly showing top? And what is sexy exactly?
Do we wait till our children mimic a celebrity or do begin to instill certain expectations from when they are young? Are we being clear on what is dress up and what is real?

In my home there was no makeup allowed until my daughter was in 7th grade and that was perhaps some eyeliner. No nails painted till 6th grade and only light colors. No hair dying, coloring, chemical anything. Any makeup was for Halloween costumes only. Clothing and makeup ADD to your natural beauty they DON’T make you beautiful. This is what I taught my daughter, shared with my daughter and it worked wonderfully. She never rebelled or went behind my back and wore makeup or an outfit that was not suitable for her age or occasion. Communication is key and we had and have tons of it.

These are in the grand scheme of life, actually small matters but matters that we as parents should be conscious of none the less and set the best standards possible from home and not by what society says or your child’s friends do.
Small things matter.

Start a conversation, what do you think about the label Appropriate clothing?


  1. My husband is a student advisor in a Middle School and he is always complaining about how the girls are dressed, sometimes he can't even look at them because of their low cut tops and short skirts. They see this on TV and their mother's buy it...sad situation. Miley is not Hannah Montana anymore but she is unfortunately a role model albeit a bad role model.

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    1. A, as always thanks for visit and comments :) Yes some parents are to worried about the friend role and not the parent role.

  3. I couldn't imagine having my girl dressed like that! I love your rules.. they seem REAL fair! I have only one boy right now.. (hoping to have a girl sometime soon) BUT until then, I'M THANKFUL to not have a girl! LOL

    1. Christin, thanks for visit and comments, girls are fun and boys have their own issues. I love them both, Hope when your girl comes you guys have tons of fun :)

  4. hmmm, kids have to be kids they have enough time playing grownup when they become one. If the parents don't set the guidelines from young then they do what every other kid their age is doing. My girls wore eyeliner from the age of 14, no lipstick, light colored lip gloss. No heels till 18, little wedges I was cool with and still am my 14 year old turns 15 in November. As for role models we can't put that on celebrities, they doing their thing to make that money, we have to do our thing to make that child respectable to themselves. Keep planting that seed and they'll remeber


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