Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Sending lots of love to all the amazing mommies not just today but everyday you do your best to mold an amazing human being. One that will add greatness to your life and to our world.

This is also a thank you to my daughter, Erica for all that she has added to my life. 
Her bright eyes as they light up when she tells a story.
Her smile that warms my heart.
Her laughter that fills my life with joy.
Her hugs that always provide me with security.
Her kisses that always let me know I am appreciated.
Hearing her daily I love you that confirms I did a pretty great job.

She is why I hold the title Mother, Mami, Mom. 
So Thank You universe for joining us together because we are an amazing team.
She has learned from me, but I have learned from her so much more.
Being a Mother, a parent for that matter is a task not to be taken lightly. You 
are influencing a life so be mindful of that, always.

Enjoy this day and everyday with that little one you bought into this world. 



  1. Happy Mother's Day and I hope you had a wonderful day.

    1. Jovina, thank you hope you did as well :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day! :)


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