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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is this the way it's going to be?

Happy Wednesday!
This is a repost of something I wrote early on in my Blog launch. I am renaming it and tweaking it a little because in this past year I have witnessed even more proof to back up what I have pointed out.
I follow a large number of Blogs and many touch on the very things I listed here.

-You never will get your figure back
-You will need more sleep
-You may develop bladder problems
-Your house will be a mess
-You don't want to have sex
-Your boobs will sag
-You will always feel tired and in a bad mood
-You will never have time for yourself

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This is what I wrote then:
Have you ever spoken with a parent that did not have something to add to this list of negatives upon having a baby? Seems like more and more women focus on the cons then the pros once the baby is home from the hospital.
Ever thought about changing your approach? Sure lots of things will change; sure things will never be the same. How can they, when now you have become a parent. You are now responsible for another human being.
Let's try instead to prepare for these possible changes in the following way:
Once we are able to walk around, let’s go for walks with the baby. This will help with weight loss in a healthy manner, it will help you get out the house and even meet other new moms.
If sleep issues arise, nap when baby naps.
For sagging breast prevention purchase the proper support.
Recruit friends and family to help with home care if needed. Learn time management. Babies don't need to be held all day long so break down your chores accordingly. Organization and time management are critical to smooth parenting.
If you need to schedule time with your partner, do it. Once you have recuperated and doctor says all is fine, begin to share intimate moments with your partner at a pace you feel comfortable with. But don't begin to neglect your relation. It is not healthy for either one of you, and intimacy is more than just sex.
When the baby is sleeping, napping or just relaxing take some time for yourself to just relax as well. Don’t always use this time to catch up on other things or to complete tasks. Even twenty minutes of just sitting can refresh you.
You are not a BAD parent if you need time for Yourself. Again recruit trusted people in your life to come in and relieve you of the baby for half hour or an hour and go out and do things alone. You will both be better off for it.

This is what I write now:
I still feel the same exact way. There is no need for drowning in the negatives. Enlist help, be kind to yourself, make your own truths. Things don't have to be so difficult. Stay focused, stay positive, have fun and approach this new journey with an open mind and understanding that perfect is a recipe for failure. Flexibility is your friend.

What do you think? What other ways can we build on the positives and break down the negatives?

Always stress free xo.


  1. These are all very good pieces of advice I would add don't sweat the small stuff. Kids remember you having time for them they don't care if the house is a mess either.

    1. Cindy, thanks for visit and comment. Yes kids focus on different things for sure :)


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