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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Wheat Pasta & Sautéed Eggplants

Happy Thursday! 
Getting back into the swing of things in my kitchen and put this together the other night after a long day of errands. I realized I over did it on the sugar this past Summer so now have to get back on my clean eating train and really stick to better choices.

Quick veggies and things that add fiber to your diet is an awesome way to start "cleaning" the pallet as they say.
Thursday's Treat...Wheat Pasta & Sautéed Eggplants!

-wheat pasta
-sweet peppers
-garlic powder
-olive oil

In a large bowl take 2 medium eggplants wash and cut into cube size, 5 small sweet peppers chopped to your preference size, 2 medium scallions chopped add pinch of salt, 2tbsps of Adobo, 1 1/2tbsps of garlic powder, 2 tbsps of olive oil coat everything very well set aside. Heat a large skillet on medium adding 1 1/2tbsps of olive oil again and add veggies when skillet is ready. Cover and cook for 10 minutes.

Ten minutes in cook your pasta as you normally would, it could be any type of wheat pasta I used the spiral shape this time. I used half a bag so I can have left overs. As that cooks turn your veggies if tender done if not cook for another 10 minutes and your down.

Serve over your pasta add some herbs or grated low fat cheese if you wish, Delish!
Now I must be transparent and say that wheat pasta is an acquired taste. It takes some time to adjust to texture it is not like regular pasta but as with anything once you find a recipe that works for you if it helps incorporate healthier choices you can totally do it. If you have a trick you can share I'd love to hear. I am still working on Brown rice...that's a tough one for me.

Always stress free xo,

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  1. Two of my favorites - pasta and eggplant. Great sauce and the dish looks delicious.


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