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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Is this Your Season of Love?

Happy Sunday loves! Was at a Freestyle Concert last night so my day started a little late lol. Hope everyone is feeling great today about to do or already doing something that they love which leads me right to this question...
Is this Your Season of Love?

Are you familiar with this poem?

illustration by itunstore

I first became aware of this poem back in H.S. it was given to me in form of a beautiful card by my BFF Virginia at a time I was really feeling crappy. She also happens to be the one who spoke to me about Meditation back when it wasn't a "thing"to do. Any, she gives me this awesome card with my favorite candy bar Snickers and says " Mari, enjoy the candy and read the card slowly and carefully. Don't rush." I said ok sure but what did I do? I rushed. I didn't grasp its message. I wasn't mindful of the words. But as careless as I was then I still always carried it with me somehow at least the words Season Reason or a Lifetime.

I'm focusing on Love today and on anyone who may be feeling a little lonely and lost. We are entering Winter soon, Fall is in the air crisp nights less time outside our homes perhaps or a time of year we are fixated on our relationship statuses. Depression sets in because of the time change and how our emotions connect with light and darkness. We perhaps are yearning to be close to someone.

So how do we invite that into our space? How do we prepare for this Season?

My perspective is we can't invite anything in if we haven't let go of things that may be blocking us. Old habits or thoughts, routines that no longer work, bitter feelings about something in our past.
I personally use the change in seasons to do mini cleanups and try new things. This season I am making use of joining Meet more. I've mentioned them in a recent post I Dreamt of Spiders and so far all the groups I have joined and activities I've taken part of have been very rewarding. My most recent event was a Haunted Trail Halloween event at Fort Totten Park in Queens, New York. It was fantastic! I was scared out of my mind but had so many laughs and the people around me were so much fun. Inviting good in while surrounding yourself with good vibes.

illustration by quotesideas

That is what life is all about, Inviting what we want to join you on your journey. Getting out there and engaging in activities that will bring you to who knows...that special someone? But even if it doesn't love is not just worth having in a romantic form, love is life in general. When you love life it shows, you shine brightly and your energy is so strong and vibrant everyone wants to be around you.

Now that we are clear on the invitation part, where do we start?
How about we try...
-joining something like Meet where you can find groups that share your same interest
-revamp your living space so it feels more cozy and loving
-get a mini makeover don't just wait for Spring and Summer
-pick up your phone and make that call, don't wait make the first move
-be clear about what you want and set it free
-walk in the path of acceptance, you will be surprised at where your blessings will come from

Is this Your Season of Love? YES IT IS!!!

I will be doing all of the above and more because I don't just want to stop at a Season I want a Lifetime. How about you? What will you be doing to Invite love in your life? What have you done already to get things started. Share your thoughts.

Always stress free xo,

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