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Friday, September 12, 2014

It's not a Party without...

I want to first and foremost shout out my blog friend and September Sapphire Even Day Blog Challenge creator Kimberly from
I want to wish her a

The challenge on her special day was to share some of my own favorite party ideas so this is what I pulled out of my goodie bag.

-keep it simple
-stick to a theme
-make the 99cent store your best friend and first place you look
-the cake is the most important piece, then the music, then the food
-parents always do too much, the kids only care about running around and playing
-have fun with your kids, be in the moment. This day will never come again.

Here are a few pics of theme's I've done for my Lil mama over the years. We usually went away or had a day out for her Birth day. She also liked having her day shared in school so those were fun too, but again simple and small.

this was a simple "hippy" Psychedelic theme for her 9th b'day, colorful and easy got the cake at Baskin Robbins & decorations at 99 cents store.

 for her 16th b'day again I kept it small & simple I just set up the table with all the goodies & left apt. alone, had her closest friends & some fam over and done. Her cake was a sheet Carvel Ice-cream cake with 4 pictures of her over the years as the icing. I would have loved to share the actual pics but when my computer crashed a few months back we lost a lot of pictures booooooo. The decorations I picked up at Party City.

Monkey theme!!! my lil mama loves monkeys. I did this theme for her 18th b'day.
My girlfriend did the Monkey cake for us and I got the decorations at Party City & 99 cent store.
Again, kept everything focused on the table and cake.

Always stress free xo


  1. Thanks so much for birthday shout-out! Had a great weekend celebrating it. Dollar Tree is my favorite go-to store for party stuff. I wish we had a 99 cent store in my area!

    1. Kimberly your welcome, glad you had an awesome time :).
      I hear Dollar Tree is just as good so we both lucky lol :)


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