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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time to get rid of that Pacifier

I know I know, we all have our reasons for dragging certain routines on. Sometimes we just want the discomfort to stop and we will deal with the consequences later.
As a mom when you are in a rush to grab those dinner items from the store aisle and the little one starts to fuse, that pacifier comes in very handy.
When you are driving and need to focus reaching back and handing over that "binky" seems like the right thing to do.

But for how long is that quick fix the best option and solution? Between the mom that puts it in her mouth for a quick clean and passes it to her child (yes I have seen that) and the four year old in the Toys R Us aisle running around with the pacifier in his mouth (I have seen this too), when is it time to give it up? I was in Walgreens the other night and saw a little boy running around that had to be at least three with a pacifier in his mouth which he dropped and quickly grabbed and popped back in his mouth!

It reminded me of a past post and I remembered my daughter and her pacifier days this is how we handled the transition...

I recall the night of my daughter’s 1st Birthday. We got rid of the pacifier and baby bottle all in one shot. Was it easy? No. Was transition smooth? No. Did she cry and need comfort? Yes. Was it doable? Yes.
As soon as your child is able to grasp objects firmly, he or she is able to move away from comfort zone.

Here is how.
Start with introduction to a Sippy cup as you reduce the bottle use.
Use a Sippy cup for certain liquids first only if you feel comfortable that way.
Reduce the time your child uses the pacifier during the day.
Switch out pacifier for let’s say a blanket or stuffed toy.

Comfort zones are nice. They help us feel secure and safe. Comfort shouldn't come at the expense of long term issues such as possible tooth decay. The night my daughter “lost” her pacifier and the bottle was “to heavy” for her to hold (these were the words I used to explain to her the changes), she was introduced to a new stuffed bunny named Chrissy.

All these years later, Chrissy is still around and the teeth are fantastic. The start may be a challenge but the end will bring loads of rewards. Think of the money you will save on stuff like braces!

How did you break away from the pacifier? Did you use something else in its place?
What were some of your tricks? Are you in the mist of this transition yourself? Share your experience.

Always stress free xo.


  1. I think that dropping the pacifier at one is ambitious and awesome! I almost wish my son used a pacifier instead of his thumb because, in my head, it seems easier. I'm tucking these tips away in case #2 uses one!

    1. Melanie, thanks for visit yes save them just in case lol

  2. My daughter never had one. My son did. I think he was 15 months when I decided it was time to get rid of them. It took a while because he had them hidden all over the house.

    1. Patrick welcome once again. I can only picture you guys finding them here and there just when you thought they were all gone lol. Thanks for share :)

  3. I'm so glad I found you on Mommy A-Z's blog hop! My daughter is currently in the process of getting rid of her pacifier and your tip about the stuff animal to replace it is great! I'll definitely give it a try. And hopefully this will make the transition a lot smoother. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Maria, thanks for visit and comment best of luck I'm sure your daughter will love a new best friend to ease the new change. Let me know how things are coming along. Hope to chat again soon :)

  4. My daughter never took a pacifier. The bottle, however, was a tough one to break! She was almost 2 before we were able to get rid of it completely! In all honesty, it was about what was easier for us adults. It was much simpler to hand her a bottle of milk than to listen to the screaming!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

    1. Brandyn you not lying there all about adult comfort for sure lol. Hey we all been there. Thanks for stopping by chat soon lovin Mommy Meetup

  5. My son used a pacifier for maybe three months and then decided he didn't need it anymore. Then he sucked his thumb and has now decided he doesn't need it anymore. He's been a real treat at naturally progressing through his phases, but I'm sure I won't be as lucky with the next. Hahaha. Good tips though and thank you for sharing at #MommyMeetUpMondays

    1. Jules thanks for stopping by lovin Mommy Meet Up :)


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