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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Nine months to Heaven, Happy 20th Birth Day to my Sunshine!

When I stop and look at my daughter it still amazes me 20 years later that I carried her in my stomach. That she developed in my body and came out of my "lady parts" lol.
We often have joked throughout the years where we reenact her being in my belly. We joke and I share about her nine months of development. She loves to hear about herself. The months before she got here what her dad and I were doing during those nine months and the things that took place shortly after she got here. I always tell her it was one of the best times in my life and I loved every second. I know many women who have a very rough ride of it and I know every one's story is not the same but I do feel that who ever has been on that journey can agree it is like nothing else ever before.

My Nine months to Heaven I call it because I was just beside myself.
I'm a planner so as I have shared my daughter was planned. By this I don't mean a meticulous calendar regimen, I just mean I set a goal of age I wanted to be a mom and stayed the course. When time drew closer honey and I sat down for chat and set plans in motion.

My 1st three months I didn't share much of the news. I had a little morning sickness but nothing my grabbing a good breakfast didn't fix. I felt a little bloating but nothing else. You would have never guessed I was expecting. We made tiny adjustments when it came to intimacy just to insure the baby would be unharmed.
I started a journal/ book to document this journey and one I would hopefully give to my child years later. I set out a house budget, baby budget and emergency fund to keep the stress levels low. I rubbed and talked to my baby daily and shower time was our relaxing time. I played music for the baby both through headphones and just regular radio and I read out loud when I looked through my magazines or read my books.

My 2nd set of three months, we shared news with close friends and family. Belly was slightly bigger but no drastic changes in my clothes etc...I usually would loosen the top button or wear a top to cover the open top of my pants. Mentally and physically I felt great, I still did my own groceries and cleaning. I still walked a lot and did mild exercises. I still ate all I wanted but of course in moderation. No such thing as oh I'm eating for 2 excuse for me. I even use to go out dancing. I started to purchase baby needs and stock up on daily items. I prepared a list of must haves keep track of our purchases. 
I worked my regular hours, no adjustments were required in my daily routines. Intimacy was still part of our lives, it was nice and fun to try different things since there was a bit of a belly in the way. I could start to see and feel changes in my Boobies, I started to ask for assistance in my shaving needs which always caused a lot of giggles and jokes I actually think my honey enjoyed this part a lot and the baby began to move! Now that was something, I was very excited indeed. To see my skin pocking out was creepy but awesome. I would rub the spot and talk to the baby and ask to please do it again and it would, oh I could swear the baby heard me.

My 3rd set of three months and end stage of the game was really fun and full of lots of new moments. My routines still were pretty much the same. I began to wrap things up at work and prep our house. Picked out the crib and rearranged our room. Washed and folded all the items we bought for the baby. Had more frequent doctor visits and blood drawn. That was not cool, I hate needles. Sex was a challenge by now but no fun was lost trying. You would be surprised the things you can come up with if you keep things lite and fun. This is suppose to be a happy time in your life not a burden. These months had my honey painting my toe nails for obvious reasons and by now I needed a little extra hand carrying things around more often.

It wasn't until mid April 1995 when my belly really expanded. I stopped trying to handle the grocery shopping on my own at this point and had my honey help with all house chores etc...I had my office Baby Shower on April 14th 1995 on April 15th I went shopping and had dinner with my girlfriend Cynthia in Brooklyn. We walked slowly back home from Graham to Bedford Ave where she lived. Had lots of laughs throughout the day. Dinner was great she made my favorites, I sat on her couch and her cat Pookie laid on my belly. We planned on getting some last minute things the following week.

I left her house in a cab shortly after 10:30pm. By 11:30pm I was in the shower, got out was drying off when I felt a stream of warm water down my leg. I continued to dry and it continue to come down. I called my girlfriend J she said "your water broke, the baby's coming". I laughed and hung up to call my doctor and he said "your water broke, are you in any pain?" I said no he said "well you may start to feel some cramps soon so get dressed and be ready to go." I hung up called my honey who was visiting his mom a few blocks away and told him what was going on. He didn't believe me because we weren't due till early May and 1st babies aren't suppose to come early. Yeah right.

I made a few more calls assuring everyone we still had plenty of time don't bother to come over. Yeah right again. Within 25 minutes of J getting to our house that slow stream of warm water became a full dam. The more I wiped the more that came down, we called a cab and left. We didn't even wait for my honey I told him to just meet us there. I felt so bad during the cab ride because I was wetting this poor mans whole back seat. The cramps got a little sharper and more frequent. When we got to the hospital, my girlfriend J handled all the talking I was wheeled into room and prepped. I was asked if I wanted "drugs" I said a firm yes and laughed because J had had 3 with no drugs. Hey better her than me.

Shortly there after with Honey and J by my side we welcomed Erica Dymonique into the world, April 16th, 1995 Happy Easter Sunday!!! As she cried and took in her first breaths outside of my belly I counted fingers and toes and did a full body scan. They cleaned her up and laid her on my chest. My little angel. She hasn't left my side since.

On this her 20th Birthday I want to say I love you I am blessed to have you and for you to have chosen me as your mother. 
Happy Birth Day, you are my piece of Heaven.

Always stress free xo.


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