Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Gift that no one talks about during Christmas

A few nights ago as I was on Grandma duty I look towards the television and had a thought. What on earth am I watching? As we prepare for the holidays all the commercials are selling us “good cheer.” Smiling faces, bright colors, pretty packages, nice catchy songs, lots of food and drinks. But one thing no one is talking about is how this time of year causes many to suffer from feelings of Depression.

Depression during the Holidays

Though feeling depressed can happen at any moment this particular time of year may be difficult for some because of the following:
-lack of social life
-poor family connection
-lack of friends
-job loss
-breakup in relationship
-loss of a loved one
-a higher sense of anxiety

Consumerism is at its highest level right now. Buy buy buy and that's how you show love. Spend spend spend and don't worry about anything else. But where is the value? Where is the connection?

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Who stops to think about that family that is barely making ends meet? That is just surviving and though they wish they could buy their children something extra they just can't put together the cash. What about the man who may have lost his job? Should he be concerned about presents or about paying his bills?

Speaking for myself though I do not suffer from Depression I do have moments of sadness when I stop to think of how the real meaning of this holiday has been lost. You stress because you can't just Gift a little something or else people will think you are cheap or you can't not Gift that one because so and so will say something. What on earth!

I remember being grateful to receive one gift, now it's almost expected to receive at least five. I remember the struggles my family went through to just make it simple and nice for us. As a parent myself living on a fixed income I've always had to wait until I received my bonus at the end of the year to buy any gifts. That taught me and my own family to view gift giving differently. It's not about the tangible items it's about the people.

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For me it's about expressing my gratitude with love. Letting those dear to me know how much I love them and having them around me is a gift in and of itself. We don't concern ourselves with dollar amounts we focus on paying forward and sharing experiences.

I am not close with my family and this I've shared in the past. So this time of year for me as well as for others also brings thoughts of regret, disappointment, sadness, guilt, doubt and uncertainty just to name a few. I don't have to rush and buy my mother a gift I just wish we could actually have a phone conversation. I don't worry if my sister’s will like the cake I made I hope instead for a lunch date someday. I don't focus on sending out cards or picking out the perfect wrapping paper, I wish instead that we could all be a part of each other's lives in some way.

But what about those who have lost a loved one? Who could care less about decorating a tree or exchanging gifts or preparing a great feast. Who instead wish they could hug and kiss their son or daughter, their brother or sister, their mother or father, their best friend or their significant other?

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Is depression and not feeling all giddy about the Holidays an acceptable topic to discuss? If it touches you and or your family, how have you dealt with it?

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  1. Ah the glorious and infamous "Holiday Season". Yes indeed, depression,sadness,lack of self worth or inadequacy,all the above mentioned are paramount emotions at this particular time of our calendar year and let us not forget SUICIDE. I clearly remember the season being about us giving more than we ever received,eating the best home made foods,staying up late with loved ones laughing and arguing over TV channels,watching drunk relatives acting crazy and in awe and amazement at the lights on people's trees, inside and outside. Yes Mari what has happened? However,there is still a beautiful hope that people like you still embodies the "Spirit" of the season. If you are a beliver in a much higher power than practice what you believe in, do something wonderful for those less fortunate have that spirit of giving seek out someone in need and do for them. Thank you for the gift of your writings us that follow you love what you give us every time.

    1. John yes for sure never forgetting to spread what matters most. Always grateful to you and your comments. Stay blessed and safe along with your loved ones :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jovina always grateful to have your support stay blessed xo

  3. I am so glad you mentioned consumerism. People don't need things, we need each other - interaction. It's amazing how we can brighten someone's season with just a visit and a hug, a phone call, or invitation to our homes. The things will long be forgotten, how we treat people never will.

    1. Nikki beautifully said. Humanity has lost the sense of community yes we hear touching stories sprinkled here and there but still not enough to make huge impacts on neighborhoods and people. Thanks for the support stay blessed and enjoy your time with loved ones.xo!

  4. Being together with loved ones is my favorite gift during Christmas or anytime. The older I get, the more I realize that this pleases much more than presents. Thanks for your great post.

    1. Lisa thanks for visit and comments. It is indeed much more rewarding to invest our time with loved ones and making memories instead of gifts that will eventually be forgotten. Enjoy time with your loved ones hope to see you here again soon :)


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