Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The Text that led to No Where

Here's an update! Hey loves so you know that all things serve as a lesson right? Some are great ones and some not so much well this one is a continuation of a three month class.

Do you recall when I shared with you how a dear friend of mine had tried to be supportive and somehow motivate me with his words and the intentions I understood but the delivery was terrible? If you're new here read this so you can catch up insert smile and wink faces.

Well since that September evening I've heard from him about two or three times none of which I responded to until almost two weeks ago. Just right after Thanksgiving I received a lengthy text from him which I read and put away until the next morning. I prefer to soak things in before I react especially things I deem worthy of my fullest attention.

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I am going to summarize the exchange hopefully doing it proper justice and with total respect.
The text was semi lengthy in it he touched how he had not heard from me in a while and that he hoped that an evening of conversation had not ruined our years of friendship and that he apologized if I was upset over the exchange it was not his intent. That he loves my daughter and I very much and that he has the utmost respect for me. That he hoped for some sort of resolution.

My response was that I love him and his family very much too and that because I did grasp what his intent was, because of all the years we have known on another I was able to understand and respect his stance. That I felt what clouded our friendship was his poor delivery and that if he truly knew me he would understand that my standards are not guided by others instead solely by me. That being respectful of peoples experiences is a must and that I was and am totally open to a conversation with him because of our history together but again never at the expense of my value. I ended my text by again expressing my love and openness to another conversation. I pressed we are today no response.

My perspective is this...I took away that at the time that text was sent the emotions were genuine. The interest and intent were clear and there was a real sense of “let's find a way to mend things." When I responded my energy was equally the same. The non response to my response says it really wasn't that important after all.
If you reach out to someone and ask for a resolution to something that clearly needs mending then when they respond you stay silent doesn't that throw out the window the resolution request? If you are in the wrong and are given an opportunity to make things right would you not jump at the chance?

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The Text that led to No Where has really strengthened my views on value. Words are just words if your actions continue to show you don't value that person or persons you say you love. Again a Season a Reason or a Life Time in the end they all have a take away.

I'm still cool with how things have played out. I have no emotional attachment to the exchange or any bitterness towards the outcome. Respect and love is what I feel.
I continue to be grateful and open to all possibilities. Life is meant to be lived with the intent that once we know better we do better. Our journeys don't end when some people in our lives don't stay on the ride with us if anything it makes for a much more interesting adventure. It forces us to break away from security and push forward into the unknown.

I'd love to hear what you think about this new turn of events? Would you be more upset after the non response or would you just close the chapter? Would it make you rethink your stance on relationship dos and don'ts or would you still deal with your connections the same way? Love to chat!

Always stress free xo,


  1. So on point Mari. It's like the "sincere" but empty apology, after which a person acts the exact same way & does the same things. Just keep it. I'd rather you SHOW me.

    1. Nikki doll hello! Life lessons right? We just have to keep going. Chat again soon xo

  2. I would be initially upset and then close the chapter in this person. Move on. People like this tend to weigh people down and derive pleasure from it as evidenced by the entire interaction with him. Letting go can be painful but life it is too short to be weighed down by negativity, even if it's just for a minute.

    1. Edna thanks for visiting and comments. Lessons learned for sure:)

    2. Sometimes you have to like/love people from a distance. He'll eventually text again and will most likely say nothing about your response. Glad you don't worry yourself over him.

    3. Tina welcome and thanks for sharing comments. Yeah I'm not focusing energy on what isn't. Keep it moving for real. :)

  3. The Truth ALWAYS comes to the light no matter how much you try and hide it..."Friends how many of us have them" Whodini 1980 something☺ Nonetheless, now you know. Stay strong in your journey Mari GOD is amazing and right on time, the true friendship and or friendships are yet to be revealed just keep on living!


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