Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness

I wanted to acknowledge Breast Cancer Awareness month in some way shape or form. Usually I do so by participating in the Making Strides for Cancer walk in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, here in Queens, New York where I live.

I had been supportive of this cause for many years always in a monetary way until my oldest friend since 2nd grade named Cynthia, got sick with some form of cancer among other things over 6 years ago and passed away. At that point I chose to put my best foot forward and walk. 

During my annual walks I have seen and met some wonderful people. Survivors and their families, families who have lost loved ones, students and their school bands, men supporting the wonderful women in their lives, even pets!!! I have enjoyed every minute of it and my fund rising hasn't been too bad either!
This year my team and I somehow someway could not get our acts together so I opted to show my support in other ways. I decided to make some purchases for the cause and at the same time add some new accessories to my already fashionable collection this is what I bought…

I am also including in this post some pictures and links to a variety of information and sites.  Please visit them and show your support. We all have women we love in our lives. I chose NOT to be too graphic on my picture share because I am always looking at the brighter side of things but if you Google Breast Cancer images, you will see that the devastation is far from PINK.

Women let’s do our part to remain proactive in our health. Annual mammograms and monthly self -examinations. I am the first to admit I don’t like performing the self -exams, I always feel Something, am scared to find Something and I am always afraid I am doing it wrong anyway. That said I still force myself to perform them in the shower. Speak to your doctor, watch videos whatever it takes but Do it.



  1. Here here! Great post. This is a must share.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend Mari! I will check out your links. Thanks for sharing! Just had my yearly mammogram 2 weeks ago :). My grandmother died many years ago from breast cancer.

    1. Candace thanks for visit as always :). Glad your on top of your checkups we must stay proactive!!:)


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