Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

 Happy Halloween!!!

Welcome to my reveal Thursday. 
Today my share will be sweet, loving and hopefully bring a few smiles.
My reveal is that I am NOT a great fan of Halloween. I totally enjoy the candy and at times even appreciate the costumes but the idea of so many grown people walking around in masks and I can't see their faces scares me.....Booooooooooooo

I only wore a costume once, perhaps in second grade and I was Wonder Woman, the plastic mask and outfit from the box. The old school costumes our parents use to buy in drug stores or some place.

This being said I totally loved going all out for the love of my life, Erica for Halloween. I started taking her trick or treating at age 2. When she was more than capable of walking on her own. After all I am about stress free, remember? I was not about to be carrying her around or pushing a stroller, to each their own that was just not me. She knew how to say Trick or Treat and we always went with a group of friends and family. Our favorite place was in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They go all out with the decorations, Parade and the candy!!!

Now that my baby is 18 years old I find myself missing those days. The weeks of thinking of a costume idea, a Theme and buying the materials or making the purchases to make it all come to life.  Since I can no longer invest my time on that I decided to share some pictures instead of our past Halloween costumes.

Everyone be safe and have a great time. 
I will be very happy with all the candy I will get my hands on :)

My little Cowardly Lion age 2

I did dress her as a Bunny when she was 1 but that was in acknowledgement of her birthday because she was born on Easter Sunday

Blue from Blue's Clue  age 3 & Bear in the Big Blue House age 4 
Dr. Seuss age 5 & a Surgeon age 6 
Shedevil age 7 & Bloody zombie age?


The girl from "The Ring"
her favorite villain...The Joker 

Dressed up as a Witch for her job



  1. hahahahahaha check her out. Its so much fun when they are that age, and then they grow up and all the fun of dressing them up is gone. I don't do Halloween, I think my kids begged us to participate once donkey years ago and they had fun collecting alllllll the candy we hand candy for week my goodness. Life is good when the kids are happy

    1. Camii, hello there :) Yes life is good, when the kids are happy!!!!

  2. So cute, we stopped celebrating two years ago but I too miss it when the boys were younger, dressed and went door to door. Tonight my youngest (17) attended a Halloween party and told me some of the attendees were drinking...making me miss the younger years even more! Hopped over from BloggyMoms.

    1. Our babies aren't babies any more booooo. Thanks for visit Antionette :)


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