Sunday, December 8, 2013

Banana Mango Smoothie

I had a late start today, woke up past 11. Was up late last night watch two (2) new programs I have become addicted to. I never say guilty pleasures because I rarely feel guilt about anything I do. I think I have established how I feel about moderation.

Anyway, so these shows I am speaking of are Black Ink Crew on VH1, reality show about the lives of Tattoo Artist in a shop in Harlem, NYC and Dracula on NBC, a show of course about Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Two (2) things I love Tattoos and Jonathan, it was a great night.

So needless to say when I got up today I wasn't in the mood to get all deep into any specific topic. My vibe was mellow and carefree and carried on to what I wanted to make as late breakfast early lunch. I decided to keep it simple and use as little ingredients and clean up time as possible.

Here it is:

2 Bananas
1 medium or large Mango
2 16 oz. or larger cup (easier for hand blender to fit into)
4 to 6 oz.’s of milk in each cup depends on consistency you prefer
1 knife to cut the fruits into slices
1 Hand blender

Optional additions can be few sprinkles of cinnamon or sugar if not sweet enough for you.
This is also recipe for two (2) people so of course add or subtract to your need.

Add all the ingredients together in your cup, blend carefully not to spill. I try to do this inside the sink or gently on a counter on top of a washable tray. Blend few seconds and you’re done. You have a great tasting treat, filling, healthy, no guilt and stress free!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!! Practice mellow and carefree xoxo


  1. I love smoothies in the morning and sometimes at night with a little extra something something - lol!!!

    1. Geez I wonder what that little extra something could be :) Thanks for visit A!!!

  2. Thanks for the smoothie instructions but I'm really writing to talk about those two shows lol. Black Ink Crew CRAZY!!!!! i'm hooked, I missed it last night so I'm going to play catch up today. Trying to figure out whose my favorite character on there, think it may be puma, the dude always cool. Dracula mmmmm started watching it from the beginning and I'm not that hooked yet but still I have not stopped watching it. Not sure what has me still holding back on the addiction lol. Stay blessed lady, till we meet again in blog world.

    1. Camii!! you are toooo much lol. Thanks for visit and we chat soon :) I like Ceaser myself because he is such a mushy tough guy lol.

  3. I am gonna have to try this. In fact, I got a mango and ripe bananas...might just try it later...

    1. Hey Zan, its very quick and easy and tasty so hope you get around to trying it out, thanks for visit ;)

  4. Always have mango and bananas on hand. I will add some protein powder and I'm good to go. Thanks for recipe- a perfect summer start to the day.

    1. Wow protein powder! Great addition:)


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