Sunday, December 22, 2013

Money can't Buy

Not everyone of course celebrates Christmas and as my daughter says it’s really just something that has become commercialized. Not many observe the true meaning of this time of year. Even more just get sucked into the quantity of presents.

Today I will share a list of gift ideas that won’t cost you a thing but will last you and the recipient a lifetime. This is my GIFT to you, stress free and priceless.

1- A walk around your favorite park taking all the sights in with deep breaths while holding hands.
2- A day of you stay in bed, or on the couch and I will take care of the rest.
3- An at home mani/pedi. There is nothing like having your hands and or feet massaged.
4- Write a short story or poem expressing the gratitude you feel for this person is in your life.
5- Find that one special song that expresses how you feel about that loved one and play it for them.
6- Sit quietly together and read your favorite passage from your favorite book. Share why it touched you so, it will shine a new light on a part of you they may not be aware of.
7- Go out and volunteer together. Make someone else happy and you will see the joy it brings you as well.
8- Have a new First time moment or activity together. By this I mean, come up with something you have always wanted to do and as of yet haven’t and make it a point of doing it together. Some examples could be:
A snowball fight
Whipping something up in the kitchen with just the things you already have
Slow dance (you would be surprised how many people haven’t done that)
Finger painting or body painting (depends on the age) 
Take a free class together (check your local community centers)
The point is to be creative and think outside the box!!!
9- Play “did you know I?” This is something I just thought of! You and your loved one/ones pic k ten (10) things about yourselves and share it. For example: Did you know that in third grade I had to read a passage from the bible to my class during chapel time and I almost passed out. Sharing is caring!
Last idea on my share list but certainly not the least…
10- Look this person or these people in the eye and tell them what a GIFT they have been to you since they came into your life.

These gift ideas are really gender and for the most part age restriction free. They can be for your step mom or dad, your sister or best friend, your husband or your daughter.  The message is about love and connection. I started a book once I found out I was pregnant. A regular five (5) subject notebook, in it there are all sorts of things representing the last eighteen (18) years of my daughters journey and mine. I will present her with it on her nineteenth (19) birthday. That will be a priceless moment (one I will share with you). Again think outside the box.

Happy Holidays to all my fellow mommies and of course to the daddies, to those that just come and take a glance and to those that come and continue to follow. You have given me a priceless gift for which I thank you greatly and that is the gift of reading my words.
Be safe, be well, be happy, be Love!


  1. Hey Mari, I stopped celebrating Christmas about 16 years now, for many reasons and I also agree with your daughter. So much is lost on what the reason for christmas was meant to be. I had to share your post in all places of social media I am part of. It is so easy to miss out on the best part of life. Thank you for taking the time on sharing what could be the biggest gifts of life.

    1. Camii thanks for visit and comments :) Wish you a blessed 2014

  2. I'm a little late to post to this, but I feel the same way that your daughter feels. Christmas has become very commercialized and the true reason for celebrating has been lost. Our kids get what they need throughout the year and there isn't a need for them to receive gifts on Christmas that drive us broke.

    1. Erlene, thanks for visit and comment. The idea that there is but such a specific time to gift someone you love is very silly indeed. A loving gesture should be given at anytime and as you said shouldn't leave anyone broke lol :)

  3. I love Christmas, but I love it even more when I spend the least and people enjoy the gifts the most. My challenge is always to spend less and most of the time, people like their gifts (often way more than I like mine). I also don't like to receive a gift "just because" I'm on your list. I don't want a generic bath and body set, or any other random gifts. I love the list you came up with, it's creative and heartfelt. Perfect for any occasion!

    Thanks for sharing with Turn it Up Tuesday!


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