Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FACEBOOK, who cares? I Don't.

You don't have a Facebook? Your not on Facebook? OMG!!!!

NO! I don't and I don't feel I am missing anything so don't feel bad for me, thank you.

This is what I had to say to a woman the other day, she almost fell off her chair. She proceeded to say how she was addicted to Facebook, couldn't live without it.
Really now? Well how sad I am for you.

Two sides to every story. I had a Facebook account over three (3) years ago. I reconnected with loads of old H.S. friends, some family and even made new friends.
That is great and that is fun for many but for ME it wasn't.
After a while I grew tired of the pictures at the bar or at the pool or of the nails.
I grew tired of the bashing of the "other" so called friends, of the over share of their personal lives and all the drama as it played out on every feed.
I grew tired of the countless status updates that would pop up.

Now if your on Facebook to build a network for your business, or to actually reconnect with loved ones and build from there, wonderful. If your intent is to stay close to those that you care about but don't live near you, great. If it brings about actual reunions then more blessings to you. That is an awesome reason to have Facebook but if you are there to just follow others while they live their lives than heck noooooo!

Facebook taught me I cherish connection, I enjoy human contact and hearing actual voices. I learned I enjoy reunions but not over a screen. I learned I enjoy making plans to make physical visits when and where possible.
Again I say two sides. I am very well aware that some physical connections are just not possible for some. I also respect the numerous uses that Facebook provides I just question some peoples honest intent in using it. I respect and support the generous information it provides on a large scheme on a daily and I would never exclude any means of gathering or giving information. I just like to bring a different perspective to any table.

I also don't understand why some businesses, sites and blogs only allow you to like or follow via Facebook. 
I mean honestly, why cut off those that choose not to go that route? Options people, options. 
If I would like to try a free sample of your product I can only sign up via Facebook? If you wrote a great piece on topic that caught my attention, I can only visit you on Facebook? smh..........

What do you think? Did I present a fair observation or did it come across as one sided? 


  1. Facebook is my main network for my blog. I do like it because it's allowed me who moved 18 hours from home ten years ago to stay in touch with friends and reconnect with people from my youth. I enjoy keeping up with friend's daily lives that I think I would have otherwise lost touch with . I'm thankful for it but I can also see where it creates more problems than solves them, depending on the type of people.
    Angela @ Time with A & N

    1. Angela, thanks for comments and visit. As I said all things are great when they build genuine connection :).

  2. I think you did present a fair view of things. I always need to remind myself that on Facebook, it is a public forum and you don't need references to join.

    I am on Facebook because most of the people I went to school with have moved away (graduated over 25 years ago) and it is nice to re-connect with them.

    I crave the human connection also but since most of the people I am friends with are out of state then I am left with Facebook.

    Sometimes I get tired of daily stuff people post but I take the view of "Take what you want and leave the rest" about Facebook. I am not into bashing but sometimes I will vent (it is better than venting out loud) about what is going in my life. Also, I put things I read on there to get some discussion going on. That is how I learn about things. I listen to others views on stuff and I try to do that on Facebook.

    1. Hi Patrick, nice to see ya. Great comments good points...start a conversation I always say :)

  3. "I grew tired of the bashing of the "other" so called friends, of the over share of their personal lives and all the drama as it played out on every feed."

    This. Times a gazillion.

    I cannot accurately assess as to whether your case is truly fair because, frankly, the fact that I agree with you SO MUCH I think makes me inherently biased...

    I've received the same criticism as you, only worse. I had never had a FB page until January -- and only then did I join to create a fan page for my blog. Even now, The Hubs isn't on it, and I NEVER use my personal page. People think we are freaks.


    So I am a freak because I do not want to spend my precious time scrolling through feeds that contain pics of people's drunken antics, verbal diaherra, amd other useless information, like how your child snorted a Cheerio through his nose? No, thanks, I'll pass.

    1. Courtney, you are hilarious. I will say we are being fair lol

  4. I think your statements are fair. I am a Facebook user because it's how I keep in contact with family and friends. I don't typically scroll through feeds reading every post I rapidly scan and just read what I want. If I see someone constantly posting ridiculous stuff I delete them. I also do not just accept someone because we went to school together. I want my real friends and family to be on there. I don't understand the competition to have more friends. Really you talk to 1,000 people and have a strong connection with them that you want to share your life with them?? Not me and I am happy that way. So, I totally understand why you don't have it. It can be ridiculous at times.

    1. Megan thanks for visit and comments :)

  5. Mari, I think you were fair and gave your options without saying another can't feel differently. That's what it's all about! I don't really use my personal Facebook for anything other then selling from my shop in Facebook groups and using my fan page. Although I feel with Facebook's issues that's a little bit of a waste of time too. Hmmmmmm lots to ponder. Thank you for sharing with us at Turn it up Tuesday

  6. I hear what you are saying. I started a FB page for myself to SPY on the teen. Then started to connect with friends and family from around the world. I am a Brit living in USA. It is a great way for me to stay connected to friends and family in UK, Australia and Belize. They see how our family is growing and wee see how they are growing. I stopped spying on the teen... Urgh that was way to much sharing.... I also have a page for my Blog.... I do agree you need to take from it what you need and leave the rest behind.

    1. Ray, thanks for visit and comment :)

  7. To be completely honest, Facebook drives me up a wall. I use it both personally and for promoting my blog and in each case, I still get sick of it. In the case of promoting your blog, I have become a creative mad scientist trying to figure out how to draw more people to my page. The constant Facebook changes makes it very difficult for your post to appear in feeds and generate exposure for your blog. On the personal end, I use it very rarely, especially now that I have my page for my blog. Initially, it was a way for me to connect with loved ones, but now it is just easier to give them a call, send a text, or see them when I see them.

    Great post! Thanks so much for sharing on Turn It Up Tuesday! We love having you! :)

  8. I guess I'm just in a different boat. If I see someone bashing someone else, I unfriend them. No commentary or arguments. If it's a family member or someone super sensitive, I hide their posts. If they ask, I say I missed it, but no one does. I enjoy chatting about life or whatnot. Not sure I've ever questioned not being on FB.


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