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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Hoarders Trap

We all fall prey to it at some point with some thing for a certain amount of time...

And every parent holds on to those "cute" things for the next baby, for a relatives baby or for a keepsake to give to their child when they grow up.
Please don't.

We must be realistic in what we keep, what we share and what we save.

No one is going to use a walker that is 5 years old, when models are changing every year. Yes they have basic function but no.
No one is going to use a stroller that is 6 years old and bulky when they can get new slicker model.

The list is endless. Yes, some things are priceless maybe you have that crib that's been handed down in the family, but as we all know times have changed and so have the safety features.

I am not one to waste money unnecessarily I am just realistic about the things that should be kept, should be shared and should be passed on.

This is the list I put together to help me figure the Hoarding Trap out...

Babies 1st year
-keep the first of certain items shoes, sandals, pair of socks, coat, jacket, bib, onesies, etc...
Nothing stained or in poor condition.
-keep souvenir of 1st birthday goody bag, banner, cake top, table decoration.
-keep all the stuff you got at the hospital wrist band, foot prints, blanket etc...
-keep babies 1st teeth.
-keep certain baby shower souvenirs.
-keep sonogram pics.

2nd year through 8th grade
-keep yearly folder of all art work at the end of each year pick maximum of 5 pieces and get rid of the rest.
-keep yearly folders of certificates, promotion cards, report cards, highest scoring test, commendation cards etc...anything that acknowledges a job well done.
-keep trophies, ribbons, anything won at a sport or activity they took part of.
-keep toys that are only in excellent condition and take up very little space. Revisit that box at end of every year see if your child is still interested or is willing to give away. Keep number of toys you keep to a minimum as well.

High School Years
-keep yearly folders of certificates, promotion cards, report cards, highest scoring test, commendation cards etc...anything that acknowledges a job well done.
-keep yearly folders if needed of art work or special projects worked on.
-keep copies of letters rec'd that reference special tests taken such as placement exams, state exams, etc...
-keep copies of essays, applications, acceptance and even rejection letters from Junior and Senior years.

In between these specified milestones you will have tons of clothes, birthday cards, gifts, trinkets and perhaps even more babies.
You may save again, a few pieces but you must be very selective.
With clothes, unless your kids are close in age please don't save or store. Instead have a swap party or donate to someone who may be in need.
If you believe you will have your children all in a close amount of time then sure save the crib, stroller, walker and whatever else, but again if it's like 3 years in and nothing..,get rid of it!!!

This is a picture share of how over the years I have kept myself in line with my own Hoarding oops I meant memory keepsakes lol.

So the above pic has my daughter's Tae Kwon Do uniform in which she earned her Black Belt 1st degree, a collection of a few 1st's outfits, her Blue's Clues Halloween costume I made her when she was about 2 or 3 years old, her Christening dress and a box I got especially for her because on her 20th Birthday I am going to present her with a few things I have been working on over the years (I will of course write a post on that when the time comes!).

This pic shows a plastic storage box with all her other saves report cards, drawings, b'day cards, Graduation caps, video tapes, etc...
Nineteen years in 2 storage boxes that is it!!!

What will you be using to store away great memories without becoming a Hoarder?

Always stress free xo


  1. You're definitely right and this is a really smart list! I know my grandmother still has quite a lot of things from when I was a baby, even my potty! For my future children I definitely want to be realistic and not hold on to every little thing otherwise my house would most likely be chaotic with storage. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Kristal, thanks for visit and comments. Yes lets keep the saving to a minimum lol :)xo

  2. We are in the process of moving and I was going through the same hording experience. So much junk sometimes! Do you have an idea for preschoolers crafts - I do not want to throw them out but I do not want to keep them all (but they are all so cute) lol

    1. Yes Zan they are all cute but you have years and years of cuteness coming lol. Pick a few and move on, really. How about 10 and throw out the rest? I felt my daughters work was amazing but imagine 19 years worth of arts and crafts? Where would we be lol, good luck love thanks for visit xo

  3. I'm definitely a hoarder. Sometimes I go through phases (like I am right now) where I want to get rid of everything that's not nailed down. But I'm usually one to hold on to EVERYTHING. I guess I should take advantage of my current mood and use some of your tips in my overflowing basement, huh? ;)

    1. Yes Jen maybe lol :) you may be surprised at how liberating it can be! Thanks for visit and comment.

  4. That is awesome! I just try and take photos of things like artwork and get rid of most stuff. I am like you.

    1. Vicky look at that what an awesome idea!!! I didn't even think of that lol.
      Thanks for visit and comment :)

  5. I have nothing other than pics. I do have a book that I used to read them when they were babies, that hopefully I can read to my grandchildren.

    1. Hey Patrick, oh let's not talk about pictures lol I have tons of those last count 7 photo albums and I am not even talking about the ones on the computer :) thanks for visit

  6. Hey Mari! I have a box full of my 4 year old's art since he was 18 months! I cannot get rid of any of it. I've framed several pieces and I haven't bought decorations for certain holidays in years! I think I'm doing pretty well this time around. With my oldest, on the other hand... you don't want to know how long I held on to the physical memories.

    1. Lol Nikki, don't worry we can do baby steps. I know it is tough you find all they do so great but one day you wake up and have all this STUFF lol. Thanks for comments and visit :)

  7. Less and less is kept over the years adn with 5 it mounts up! Thanks for the hints and encouragement. It is a constant in my house.


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