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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tilapia w/ Honey and Mustard sauce garnished with Mango

Thursday's treat!!!

You didn't think because I was doing the September challenge I would neglect my Thursday treat did you?
Good...because here it is!

First I have to admit this was put together as I went along. Another one of those days I got home and was like huh? What are we going to eat?

-Tilapia fish
-olive oil
-mango fruit (sliced or cubed)
-small potatoes (optional)

Start to finish this took me about 40 minutes tops.

In a medium bowl I added 3 tbsps of mustard and 2 tbsps of honey, you can play around with amounts to your liking. I took 3 pre-packaged Tilapia pieces out of the freezer, ran them under some water for a few then I just rinsed them lightly and placed them in the bowl mix until fully coated. The fish weren't totally frozen like a brick since I had bought the bag day before so that was help with defrost process lol.
I added 2 tbsps of olive oil to flat skillet I was using turned up to medium heat. Flipped fish around a few more times when oil was ready, added the fish.
I cooked them about 10 minutes on each side or until turned lightly brown in color and light crisp.

While that was going on I made a side salad of lettuce and tomatoes, coated with remainder of sauce from the Tilapia.
I bought earlier in the week a pre-cut package of mango so that saved me some time.
For myself I baked 2 small red potatoes my daughter opted out.
Fish lightly brown and crisp and ready to serve.
Topped with my cubed mango pieces, yummy.
The salad was awesome with the sauce too!!!
I thought to myself...hey not bad for thinking off the top of your head.
Healthy, quick, fun and easy.
Always stress free xo


  1. Sounds good :) I've actually been looking for different ways to cook fish, so I'll have to try this. Thanks for the share!

    1. Marie thanks for visit, I love fish but I don't care for chewing and finding bones so this fish is great very soft, moist easy to cook in a variety of ways so enjoy and hope to see you here soon xo

  2. Oh good and what a great recipe for fish.

    1. Coming from you it makes me smile, thanks Jovina xo

  3. Hey Mari, you always seem to be coming up recipes I would enjoy. I like the idea of the honey mustard with the mango.

    1. Zan, it's a great combo indeed.
      Thanks for visit and comment, hope you try it and enjoy.

  4. Who's ready for Chopped?! I'll do it if you do it! ;-)

  5. I know what I will be fixing for dinner tomorrow! Thanks for sharing this recipe at the #WWDParty.

  6. Looks so good! Pinned. We appre­ci­ate you being a part of our party. I hope to see you tonight at 7 pm. We love to party with you!
    Happy Mon­day! Lou Lou Girls

  7. The last time I had tilapia I didn't like it at all, but must say this sounds tasty. Perhaps I should give it another chance.

    1. I will agree that not to long ago I was not a Tilapia fan but I learned to kick it up a notch with sauces and seasonings and it's worked :) give it a try, thanks for visit.

  8. Thanks for joining the Sunday Small victories linkup. Pinned as well


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