Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Look at what your Missing

Living in a big city like New York you are never really alone.
Yet even when there are lots of people around you, you can totally Feel alone.


Well if you are like me and people watching and observing is your thing you will notice that just about Everyone is looking down.
Since we now have handheld gadgets that do just about everything anywhere like watch tv, videos or listen to music all you see is bowed heads.

Rarely is there eye contact. Rarely do you share a smile. Rarely is there a casual stroll.
Friends talk to one another with their heads down. Couples go out to dinner and have their heads down at the table.
Your waiting for a bus, heads down. A train, heads down, paying for groceries, heads down.
As a parent sometimes your talking with your kids and your head is...down.
I know I have done it and I work daily on putting my gadgets down when in conversation with others.

On my walks through my neighborhood park I see many things. It's a pretty nice walk, pretty big park and tons of people.
I saw a group of teens the other day, must have been 12 of them and they all had their heads down while talking to one another.
I felt like screaming LOOK UP!!!

Not only is it rude and disrespectful but you are missing out on making genuine connections.
You are not really listening or even engaged in the moment.
Did you see my new hair cut, thinks the wife? Of course not your too busy on your phone checking Face Book. Her thoughts as she looks at her husband.
Mom did you see the grade I got on my English paper? Oh no of course not because she put my paper down to check her emails.
Sweetheart how's your food? No replay because your girlfriends too busy uploading picture of her  plate to Instagram.

When your on your gadgets this is what your missing...

This holiday season I hope we are all looking up more and taking in the sites!
The decorated trees, the lights, the sounds, the messages.

What do you think you missed today while you looked down?
Do you even think about missing out on anything while on your gadgets?

Always stress free xo.


  1. This was a great blog post and one I certainly could use today! I am notorious for keeping my nose in my phone... this coming year I am going to try to be less behind my gadgets and more in the moment! Anyhoo, I found your blog via The Vanilla Housewife and just wanted to stop by and say hi! It would totally make my day if you stopped by my blog sometime and kept in touch!

    1. Gingi, thanks for visit and comment. Happy Holidays and I will drop by for visit during the week for sure :)


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