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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My personal studies show...the Up's and Down's of Blogging

Hello my lovelies, Once again Happy New Year.

I've put much thought into how I want to start this Blog year off so I decided to start with a study I conducted.

I like to march to my own beat but I also want to be part of a community that uplifts and provides not that takes away and spews nonsense.
I like to always learn something new that I can add to my approach to writing. One of the things I do at least once a week is read up on blogging tips. The do's and don'ts that other bloggers have shared on their journeys.

Things such as:
-Adsense info
-quantity of posts
-quality of posts

The shares are endless some are great some are not. You have to find what can work for you and ride that train.

One thing I have found and have mixed emotions about is the advice given on commenting.

Most tips suggest that you spread the love by commenting on posts and shares you like and that this will trickle over to them in turn visiting you as well and following you (possibly).
That if you share content that you like via your social media venues, you can grow your own following as well. As the slogan of share buttons suggest...Sharing is caring.
Well this is what I have learned, this is my experience.

Yes you will get a few that reciprocate but most won't.
You will get a few thank yous after you tweet but you won't get a flood of followers.
You will nab a few new followers as you become a regular visitor to a certain page or pages but that will not guarantee growth and spread of your work.

Here is an example, I follow well over 300 plus blogs via Bloglovin. I love the variety of topics and goodies on these reads. I am always sharing great diy's, recipes, arts and crafts, quotes, information etc... and I have about 125 followers on that venue.
Now let me be clear, I follow these blogs because the content is awesome. There are so many talented women and men out there and I am more than happy to spread the love and give them some shine.
My blog is about all things stress free and easy so sharing greatness is easy. I am happy to do it I just don't want to not put spotlight on fact that some people just won't follow you back no matter how many comments you leave them, or shares.

Like minds follow like minds and depending on your content that will be the circle in which you grow in.

So moral of the story...if you comment on posts only in hopes of gaining a following don't waste your time.
Comment because you genuinely enjoyed the share or have something to say and add.

illustration by

Things I love about blogosphere:

Finding great projects and recipes to share with others and try myself. Reading stories that inspire and teach me to be grateful about life. Connecting with total strangers that otherwise I would perhaps never get a chance to meet. The opportunity to write, not for money but because I really have loads to say and hope at least 3 people a day get to read it.
One of the ways I plan to reach those 3 people is by using the tools I found on my wonderful blog friend Antionette's page . She shared a post with information on 30 ways to promote your blog. I already began work on bookmarking, social media and syndication expansion.
Look at for some changes real soon!

Things I love least about blogosphere?

The crap I come across that suggest the easy ways to make money off and on your page. The bashing of parenting styles I come across everyday on my reads and research. The many times I have to fill out the darn comment info just because most moms won't set up moderation of comments option. The must sign up to post a comment request, really you are turning me off with this. The many times I have to X out of all your ads just to read your post or check out your latest project share. The time I have to invest in scrolling up and down a page to find a follow option.

This is my Blog world study share. What are your experiences? Has it been what you expected? Do you have any pet peeves of your own?

Always stress free xo.


  1. Perfect Mari! Follow because of genuine interest, not to get something in return. And shameless self promotion is... shameful. Like minds.....

  2. Personally I don't have time to comment or follow blogs that I don't like!!! So I agree with you. Thanks for sharing with us on Merry Monday (and I mean that!!!!). I'm adding this to my Pinterest "blogging advice" board. Julia

    1. Julia thank you for visit and comments. I am so glad to join you guys on MM great stuff! Chat soon.


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