Sunday, May 10, 2015

Spread some smiles! Happy Mother's Day

We invest way too much time writing, reading and speaking about the things that make us sad, upset or stressed. Today my post will be strictly dedicated to smiles. Last Sunday my topic was serious who-is-responsible-race-cards-are-on today I want to keep things light. I want to wish all those moms that make an effort each day to build a strong family unit full of respect, love and kindness a Happy Mother's Day!

I had plenty to smile about recently here is my share...

So this is a progress report share on my nails after I began using Coconut oil. For those who don't recall where I started here's the link pinterest-hack-whipped-coconut-green.

I was going to limit it to this week but in recalling some recent events I couldn't stop smiling. I will begin with my niece's 18th Birthday. It was very special because she is very special. She is a Special needs child but that has never limited all her parents, family and friends do with and for her. It was extra special because her mom is my bff's sister and she is no longer with us. During the festivities she took a moment to read from a letter she wrote to all of us about her journey as a mom to a Special needs child. There were many tears but all full of love and lots of laughter. My niece smiled as she heard her dad's voice but wasn't too thrilled with us when we got a bit to loud for her liking. She brings me a peace and joy I have been blessed to experience. She teaches me what truly matters. No picture share on this one only because I want to respect family's privacy.

I had my daughter's 20th Birthday that was a milestone for her and for me! Sheesh where did the time go what an amazing adventure up till now for sure.

My hair is coming along as planned and using virgin Coconut oil as an added treatment is really helping. Though I am enjoying the length I look forward to the freedom once again cutting it short and donating it will bring me.

My volunteer work is so rewarding and fun last week we made wallets from duck tape! The kids found it to be a bit of a challenge and the little ones totally needed our help but we had tons of fun.

Last but not least my Grandma's comments...she wants me to dye her hair because "I don't like this white hair, it makes me look too old. I want my black hair back again." Then there was this one "you better make sure you bring me what I asked for, don't think I don't know you didn't bring me my stuff." This was in reference to her tobacco which btw I bring her a little of every week but she just doesn't remember. This one was both sad and funny, I'm use to it but never know when its coming. I walk in the door, she looks at me and says "who are you?" I say "it's me Mari, your granddaughter." She says "have I met you before? where do you live?" I said "yes you have and I live a little bit away from here." She says "oh well I never met you but ok, what did you bring me?" I love my viejita she is priceless.

laughing and smiling after I told her who I was

These are my smile shares, tell me about you. What bought a smile to your face recently? Is it accompanied by a chuckle as you recall the moment? Share share share!

Always stress free xo.


  1. Sweet share. Happy (belated) Mother's Day Mari!

    1. Nikki sweet lady thank you, same to you hope it was awesome xo

  2. Replies
    1. Sarah ur welcome thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Such a sweet post! We all need to focus on the moments that make us smile more often! Hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #MommyMeetupMondays!

  4. Happy belated Mother's Day. We had a family gathering for Mother's Day and played some fun games.

  5. My hubby and I just bought our first house and unpacking has been a most slow and draining process, but this weekend I was able to finish setting up one of my hutches and it was a huge relief! Now when I walk past the dining room I smile because I know that is done. - Jules (co-host at #MommyMeetUpMondays)

    1. Awh Jules congrats!!! Enjoy the journey even the draining moments lol. Thanks for great support over at MMUM!!!


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