Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Never Settle

Mari? I hear my name as I close my car door and press the lock, I turn around and smile as I begin to recognize the face. Hey! Girl omg so happy to see you, how long has it been I say as we hug each other tight.
Oh it's been a minute, what about five years? Yeah I think so I say. Wow you look about the same which is good, how's the family? Oh their doing great, kids getting bigger, taller than me. Two in college you know how that goes, yes I do I say. Mom and my siblings are good families expanding but we are still living in the same place. Oh that's great, glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I know family is everything to you guys.

Yeah that's true she says. So how about you? What have you been up to? You look great so different than when I saw you last, did you loose weight? You're actually looking younger. I laugh out loud and say well since we last saw each other I was in and got out of another relationship, started practicing Yoga and Meditation, grew and cut and now regrowing my hair, started a Blog and got back into my photography. Lil mama is in her third year of college and doing wonderfully, I'm blessed. Family is as they always have been and I'm more involved with my grandma's care now.

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Oh wow she says, that's a lot of changes. Yes they are and have been but that's life right, growth and development? We're getting older we can't stay the same forever not to mention it gets boring. Yeah I guess she says. So are you seeing anyone, dating? Well I've been dating on and off for a bit, took some reflection time after last relationship and doing it a little bit again now. Dealing with my grandma requires a lot of energy and time so investing in a deep social life at this time is just not possible, how about you?

Oh I'm still seeing that guy from before. Oh you mean so and so I say? Yeah that's the one. It's going on six years now on and off. It's ok, he's alright, we'll see. We'll see, he's alright, it's ok? I repeat and she just stares at me. I raise my eyebrows and in my Mari way say geez that doesn't sound great to me. That's a long time to invest for such low key excitement. Good luck with that yeah thanks she says and continues with Girl you know all men are the same I don't want to start all over again at least with him I know what I'm getting. They all start great in the beginning, then get comfy and show their true colors I'm just getting too old for the bulls**t.

Well mama that's not true all men aren't the same, they just do and behave as you allow them to and how you accept them. You set the tone, you put out what you want to get back, that's what I have learned and that's what I have proven. Life's to short to settle. Life's not meant to be shared in misery. If you aren't satisfied with what you have keep it moving there is nothing wrong with being single. Yeah I hear ya but hello we not twenty anymore yeah hello exactly I say. That's why we should know better, we have more experience. Yeah I'll see but anyway oh my God it's been great seeing you and catching up. Gonna meet up with kids in a bit was just grabbing some quick groceries for the weekend. Yeah same hear glad to see you, send my best to fam and kisses to the kids. We hug and walk our separate ways.

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All along I'm thinking what a shame you think so little of your self worth that you would make up half of such a poor unit. How sad that you are in the same place where I left you and how unfortunate that life is just passing you by...Never Settle.

Have you come across someone in your past that seems to be in the same place you left them? Do you think she's just comfortable or did she settle? Am I being too judgmental?

Always stress free xo


  1. Wow. This is really sad, actually. At any age, if you're not moving forward, you're going backward. There is no standing still because the world keeps turning.

    1. Nikki! hey sweets nice to see you here again. Yes sad indeed, I walked away grateful I was me. Time is precious we shouldn't waste it. Chat again soon :)

  2. Replies
    1. Nice seeing you here again John, love the male perspective lol great choice of words :)


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