Thursday, November 7, 2013

Quick & Easy Pizza

Thursday Reveal....

So my reveal today is I love Pizza, yeah who doesn't? I love Pizza but I don't want to order it, pick it up or make it from scratch that is unless it is easy and stress free.

When a girlfriend of mine shared with me a way that I could make Pizza  at anytime for under 20 minutes I was hooked. She said she couldn't believe I had never tried it. I explained to her I had never thought of it actually. Can you believe that? Please do, its the truth I never thought of it or even heard of what I am about to share....

Here goes

1- Slices of bread, English muffins or bagels (depends on your liking and amount depends on family size).
2- Sauce, whatever flavor or brand you like. I use Ragu Traditional when I want to keep simple.
3- Mozzarella Cheese already shredded is best saves you time but if you want to cut your on slices go right ahead!
4- Toppings, this time I used Pepperoni for my added topping but as always I say use what works best for you.

Lay out the slices, spread the sauce, add toppings and cheese. Place on a tray toast till cheese is melting and bread is crisp....DONE!!!!!
I got home tonight at 6:15 and by 6:35 we were eating. 

This is my idea of quick and easy. Here are some pics!!


  1. Pizza is my favorite! Seems pretty simple and looks yummy. Thanks for sharing. Love your pics! :)

    1. Kristal thanks for visit. Yes the simplest meal ever!! Hope you try and and see :)


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