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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Glazed Tilapia & Mushrooms

Thursday's treat!

Well it's officially Fall/Autumn, my Summer clothes are put away, my tall boots are lying in waiting.
I had a terrific September, full plate indeed. A lot of reflection and tweaking, look forward to seeing how these changes unfold.

One thing remains the same I love to eat and I love to be in and out the kitchen fast.

Today's share includes a first for me. I was a bit iffy on how it would turn out but I went for it.

-roasted garlic & herb seasoning

I love mushrooms, I eat them in soups, sandwiches and just about any dish that calls for them but I have never cooked them myself.
I pass the packs in the grocery store look at them, pick them up then put them back down.
These little suckers caused me to second guess my skills in the kitchen lol.
So last Monday my coworker was in the office and since she is always in the kitchen I asked her If she used mushrooms in her cooking and if so, how.
She rattled on several dishes and I was like oh great not as bad as I thought.
I picked some up on Saturday and this is what I did.

Marinated 2 pieces of Tilapia with roasted garlic & herb seasoning and honey. Amount is to your taste buds liking. I let it sit for about 10 minutes. I took a paper towel wet it and wiped the dirt off the mushrooms, I was instructed not to run under faucet or it would soak up too much water and be soggy when it cooked.

I cut off the stub parts slightly then chopped the mushrooms into slices. I used Portobello kind, they were on sale.
I drizzled lightly some olive oil in the pan just enough so my mushrooms wouldn't burn when they started to cook.
I cooked them for about 5 minutes then removed them from pan, took the Tilapia pieces put them to cook and dropped the mushrooms into the glaze and had them there for a few seconds then added them to pan so they can finishing cooking with the fish.
Mushrooms done in 10 minutes total, fish about 6 minutes each side since stove top made not baked.

Done! The blend of honey with roasted garlic & herb was just enough sweet and kick to make my evening and I added some tomatoes on the side for color splash.
The mushrooms were so tasty and not soggy! Thanks Maria (my coworker) for the heads up.
In and out the kitchen total time about 45minutes with cleanup.
Got to finally sit down and watch Oblivion, yes I know I am so late on that one. Loved it!

Always stress free xo


  1. I do love tilapia but I've never tried it with a touch of honey. I think I'll consider that the next time I'm making it for dinner. However I'm passing on the mushrooms (I absolutely cannot tolerate them!).

    1. Kristal ha I hear ya. I was that way about too until I tried it with something else mixed together. It's ok try the fish and see xo, thanks for visit and comments :)

  2. I love tilapia but rarely cook any fish at home. This recipe looks really tasty though, I'll have to give it a shot! -Amy

    1. Oh thanks for visit I think you may be surprised in a great way. Such an easy fish to make!

  3. This is really a unique recipe, Mari. I don't eat fish, but sometimes make it when I'm having guests. This is an idea to try!

    1. You don't eat fish? Any fish? Wow interesting, but yes for your guest surely and easy prep indeed :). Thanks for visit :)

    2. I eat fried shrimp and that is it....and I probably only eat it because I like anything fried :) My uncle expects some sort of fish every year for his birthday dinner, though, so I love finding different ways to serve it!

    3. Oh yes I love some shrimps myself lol. This is a very easy fish type to work with so give it a try anyway you wish for sure :)

  4. I absolutely love this! Yummy. Pinned. It is so fun to party with you. Thank you. I hope to see you at our party on Monday at 7 pm.
    Happy Saturday! Lou Lou Girls

  5. Yum, this looks delicious! Pinned and adding onto my dinner list!
    Thank you for the follow from Bloggy Moms, I am showing the love back!


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