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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Man Boobs

October is upon us and aside from the crisp signs of Autumn, the spotting of beautiful leaves on the trees as they change colors, the great smell of Pumpkin this and that in the air, the sales of huge candy bags for Halloween it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

By now we all should know just how important it is to get our annual Mammograms. I went for mine in May right after my annual Gyn exam in April. I schedule them close together so I never forget. I went for my 1st exam shortly after my 40th Birthday, yes I was nervous but I knew it had to be done.
Early detection does make a difference.

This year as I waited for my letter I was a little extra uneasy because just a few months prior my co worker had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was in the process of many tests, reviewing of options, researching, talking with loved ones etc...
This was the first time I was so close to such a life changing matter.
Though my old childhood friend Cynthia had transitioned a few years ago from a form of Cancer it was not Breast Cancer.

I watched and listened and talked with my co worker about what road was best to take. Should she do a Mastectomy, Double Mastectomy or Lumpectomy. Should she do reconstruction, what type? We discussed family, sexuality, death, recovery, diets. You name it, we spoke on it.
I am respectful of her choices and am happy to report that in early September she completed her last radiation session and is coming along greatly.

In watching her go through this and seeing that she still has some emotional and mental healing to do I realized that unless you talk about this to someone who truly understands you may have a long road ahead of you. Seeking support if not from loved ones or friends is very important and if it is difficult for a women imagine a man.

Yes men get Breast Cancer too!
The strong, hardworking, suppose to take care of his family gender can also suffer from this devastating diagnosis and news.
They ignore just about every symptom in the book, headaches, chest pains, blurred vision, tingling sensation in fingers and arms, leg cramps, difficulty breathing, issues with their urine or bowel movements.
These can all be possible signs of some form of serious issue but men are not suppose to complain or stop being "men" to go and pay a visit to a Doctor. They have no time for that, it will be fine, the pain will go away.

We as the logical ones (insert laughter here) must find ways to encourage the men in our lives to take better care of their health. To listen to their bodies and to visit their Doctors at least once a year and with every mile stone conduct the proper test necessary for that age group.
We must stop the taboo that men don't do this or that.

Even though the numbers are not as high as women, roughly 2,300 new cases will be diagnosed and about 430 men die from Breast Cancer that is still alarming news.
Since so much is focused on the women, I am shining the light today on our men.

I am providing links, pictures and video information so that we may start talking about this and making the men in our lives aware this is a possibility, this can indeed happen.

I received my letter in late May stated all was well great news! but because I have dense breast they suggested I go for an ultrasound.
That caused some more uneasiness but I scheduled it quickly and results were negative again. All clear this year!!!
Moving forward I plan to do both consecutively so as to not delay any panic or any relief.
Let's stay as healthy as possible, let's stay informed and proactive!


  1. Thank you for sharing this. Until a couple of years ago the thought of male breast cancer was unheard of for me. Men can have lumps in the breast just like women. Thankfully my family member is well.

    1. Sandra, thanks for visit. Believe me I was speaking with a friend last night and he too was very doubtful on my information until I told him to go do his research lol. Spreading the word is all we can do, thanks for visit. Hope to see you here again.


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