Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting closer to Leaving the Nest

I had this thought while I walked in the park on Monday...

By the time I was my daughter's age I had been living on my own for almost two years. I had a full time job and a serious relationship and bills to pay, real bills.
When I look at my child today, I can't believe the big responsibility I had to handle so early on simply because my mother and I couldn't get along and couldn't compromise. I can't imagine my daughter having to deal with all I had on my plate.

It isn't that I don't think my daughter can't or couldn't handle it, it's that I feel she shouldn't have to at this age. Yes have a job, yes go to school, yes have a relationship, yes be independent but not because I am pushing you out of the house with my behavior or expectations but because you are practicing for when you are prepared to leave this place which you have called "home".

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This eighteen years and I am done attitude has never been my train of thought. This yes leave my house go away to school and forge your own path has never been my goal. All these things will come and do come sooner than we know it. Parenting comes with loads of anxiety, those first eighteen years brings different levels such as:

Sleeping through the night
First tooth
Sleeping in their own beds
1st day of school
Puberty (I will speak on this often at later date).
Transition from elementary to high school
First time they disobey you
First dates
First meaningful disappointment (ours was not getting into her first choice in H.S., which turned out to be a blessing).
First relationship
First time they sleep away from home (for us that was at about age 6 and I hugged her like she was going away for 3 years and not 3 days lol).
The list is endless.

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As I am approaching this next stage what I have come to realize is that all those moments all those levels and everything in between still cannot truly prepare you for when your child is fully grown and independent and an “Adult”.
You begin to see things in a different light; you begin to appreciate those simple moments.
You come into a new anxiety level of my baby is going out into this big old world and I can no longer hold their hand or protect them.

So what do we do? How can we help? How can we make the most of those eighteen years?
Lots of love
Lots of patience
Lots of communication
Learn to Listen
Invest time in getting to know one another
Focus on the positive, work through the negatives
Build memories and share lessons that will last a lifetime
Share plenty of laughs, lots of hugs and teach kindness
The anxiety may still exist but all that you have built together with your child will make it a lot easier to let go of that hand.

What else can we do to ease our anxiety?

 This is one of my most treasured pictures of my daughter, that face. I can't believe she is twenty years old. When I have moments of awh poor me I ask her to sit on my lap like the old days and we get such a laugh at that because then I sit on hers and it is wonderful.
Building memories and constant communication has been a great help in preparing me for "that" day indeed.

What did you do to ease the anxiety of your baby leaving the nest? Share your story.

Always stress free xo.


  1. My oldest is heading off to college in a few short months. I don't know what I'm going to do! I asked if I could follow her there (I'd like to go back to school anyhow!) but she refused. Lol

    1. Jessie omg that is so funny I said I would love to go back to school and take and English class and my daughter said "Id love to have you as a classmate" lol our kids Thanks for stopping by and you will be fine time for more You time!

  2. Great post, being a parent is hard. Hard while the kids are growing up, and hard when they are ready to leave! Thank you for sharing at Pin Worthy Wednesday!

    1. Jocelyn, thanks for comments. Our parenting journey has its shares of ups and downs for sure but well worth it! :)


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