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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Eliminate the Limits

If we are lucky enough to be close with our children as they enter adulthood then we have access to a whole new way of thinking and a whole new way of approaching life.

Seldom is credit given to the youth and young adults of today. Some adults tend to cast aside their opinions and choices as unrealistic dreams or over confidence even going as far as to say just stick with the program and don't rock the boat. Projecting their fears or disappointments and dropping words such as cockiness or sense of entitlement.

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I perceive that there could be some truth to those statements but only if the subject in question has shown you less than. It would be a shame to entertain these thoughts if our children have shown us otherwise. And so what if some of our kids at times have cocky ways at approaching life issues? So what if they at times feel certain things are due to them, isn't that what we want for them to begin with? For our children to feel they can be and do anything?

I never walk away from a conversation with my lil mama without saying "wow, that is my kid. she really said that and meant it." I never leave with a sense of worrisome that she won't be ok in life no matter what path she chooses. By eliminating the limits by never introducing limited thinking we, her parents gave her a freedom that most of us adults have forgotten or just simply set aside as unacceptable.

Oprah once commented on how liberating turning forty was and I remember thinking wow that really is something! We go through so many stages in life and some come with a sense of restriction but being forty-four myself now I can totally understand that freedom. And what I respect the most from that freedom is nurturing my daughters wild and adventurous spirit. I don't want her to have to turn a certain age and feel free. I want her to continue to remain free like she's always been.

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I realize the limits my mother set on me and then me on myself. Today I find myself affirming my right to do whatever the heck I want! Yes I can go to a nice dinner...alone, yes I can say no to an invitation, yes I can just sit on my butt all Saturday afternoon and watch repeats of Friends, yes I can shut my phone off and not talk to anyone, yes I whatever I want.

In my awesome conversations with my lil mama I realize that I can still revisit some old ideas and try some things I had set aside during my years of focusing on her. She helps me to see that in supporting her I am supporting myself and that young woman I sheltered so much because of my limited beliefs. I encourage every parent out there to start talking with their kids more often and if you already have awesome talks to continue to nourish them. These great conversations will flourish into great lives and wonderful memories.

Eliminate the Limits!

What are your thoughts? Has adult life closed you into a limited life? Have you started to do the same to your kids?

Always stress free xo,

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