Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Another one Bites the dust

Hello lovelies I want to share another page out of my Friendship playbook but before I do that I wanted to bring you up to speed on recent events and the life lessons I took away.

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Updates on Baby #2, dear ole grandma:
-she's doing great we got over the rough patch of sleep deprivation. Combination of medications, home remedies, lots of research and talks with her doctor plus help from her home attendants helped us get to a place everyone is happy with. She's cheery and pleasant to be around so I am grateful for that much.

 Updates on Dating:
-since baby #2 was causing me some stress over the summer I didn't go out as often as I would have liked when it came to a lot of adult socializing but I still got in a few nice treats. One was a Bar/Lounge type of setting with live acts and on this particular night we caught George Lamond a favorite Freestyle music artist of mine. We had an amazing time great mix of talking, laughing, dancing and getting to know one another. Not too formal, not to casual very relaxing and friendly vibe. I'll keep his number wink wink.

Updates on being the mom of a 20 year old:
-I will just say I am soooooo glad I put in the effort to build strong communication skills, mutual respect and independence because every conversation with this mini me, mini her father and all around fire ball is eye opening and full of laughter. Of course I have moments I say dear God did she just say that but I see in front of me a well prepared individual who I am glad we allowed to test her free spirit and curiosity. My fearless baby, I am so proud of you.

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Which brings me to...
Updates on Friendships:
-Another one Bites the dust but as usual it wasn't a surprise. I saw it for a while now I just thought I'd watch how it would play itself out. We don't form friendships to run a tally on who has done what but all relationships require expectations. Everything in life comes with expectations. I've shared in the past how one of my requirements is investing time with those I care about. Yes our gadgets are fun and come in handy as do our social media sites but nothing beats an actual conversation and Face time. My loyalty is endless, it comes with my quirks but if I'm your friend I'm your friend. So when I sat and thought about this connection I wasn't feeling the love and here's why...
1-forgot my Birth Day 3 years in a row
2-every time I've arranged a meet date for dinner it's been cancelled
3-getting together to acknowledge certain special events have been neglected
4-family gatherings have been shrugged off
5-the text exchanges are pretty much one sided as are the very few and far between phone calls
6-haven't felt or seen any support of my ventures and projects but from my side I have managed to be supportive in one way or another of all my friend's interest

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These are just a few valid points for me I think and I will stop here. I don't want to diminish what we had but I don't think it needs to continue any further at least not under the umbrella of Friendship. Forgetting a Birth day one year is forgivable because we all have tons of stuff going on and it can happen but you can always enter it into your calendar with an alert for next year but 3 years! It just tells me I'm not important to you. Not making the time to meet no matter what the occasion time after time also indicates lack of interest. We all have value and if those closest to you don't give you any that speaks volumes.

I am not bitter we had some great times and our connection served its purpose now its time to spread our wings and move on. I wish you well and hope we can both walk away having learned something.

The life lessons I have taken away from these recent events are...
-change happens no matter how hard you try to hold on to things or control the outcomes. It is when you let go that things can come together.
-a square will never fit into a circle, stop pushing the issue. Take a deep breath, walk away and come back later and revisit the topic.
-our children teach us just as much or perhaps even more than we have taught them
-no matter what is going on you need to take a break. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
-nothing last Forever. If you don't experience sadness and disappointment you can't appreciate the smiles and joys of Life.
-stay young at heart, always!. Your quality of life depends on it.

Always stress free xo


  1. Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday, I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  2. Relationships have a funny way of changing, don't they? It's always sad to cut someone loose, but it can also be very freeing and it is important to allow ourselves to move on from relationships that are not mutual beneficial. I hope this clearing out has made space for more positive things to come into your life!

    Thank you for sharing with us at #mommymeetupmondays!

    1. Hey doll always great seeing you here. Yes sometimes it can be sad indeed especially when you feel so invested in the connection. What I have learned over the years though is to value myself completely and this will then remove the extra baggage. Reason or Season is great way to approach things chat soon and always great to join you on MMM


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