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Sunday, April 24, 2016

See the Bigger Picture

Happy Sunday!

I have several things I wanted to touch on and was struggling to tie them all together so I just pressed my Brainsparker app and decided to go with whatever came up. The prompt was See the Bigger picture.

Just how do you see the bigger picture when it involves loss and or sadness? How do you see past the pain so you can smile again? How do think past the pain you feel in that moment?

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This past week the world lost another great creative soul, Prince. So many labels can be attached to his name but for me it's about the body of work he gave us. His lyrics, his thoughts, his presentation, his purpose. To be his authentic self and gift you with his talent and if you understood great but if you didn't great too. Creative people don't worry about everyone jumping on their wagon. They only want those that respect and can be open to see and hear things from different views to come along on their ride. I will forever be grateful he was one of a kind. His comfortable in your own skin ways was extremely attractive and very freeing. Though I am sad you are no longer physically here I know your gifts will continue to come.

my fav Prince song! Diamonds and Pearls 

We are selfish human beings, we expect those we care about to always be around but we all know that is not true. Death is part of the Living package. We just want to ignore it or put it out of our minds...until it's too late.

A friend of mine as we spoke about Prince's transition commented how grateful he was that he and his dad had mended their relationship before he himself had transitioned. I said how awesome that was and then thought about my own parents. I didn't feel sad for me I felt sad for them. They have wasted so many years consumed in their own bubble to even think outside of themselves and all they are missing out on. To live a selfish life one that doesn't reap rewards but instead sews rotten seeds is shameful. To leave behind in people's minds regrets instead of celebrations is a tragedy.

Oddly enough my lil mama and I went to a private fan gathering for Alicia Keys the same night Prince left us and she shared with us some amazing new material I can't wait for the whole world to hear but she shared this song and asked everyone in the audience to go home and calculate how many days they themselves have been on this earth. The song is called 28,000 days. That's about 76 years my grandma is almost 93. Let's think about these numbers. I am 44 and I have lived just a little past 16,000 days. Does that seem like a lot to you? Heck nooooo, not to me. So imagine thinking about those numbers and reviewing how many of those were wasted days?

See the Bigger picture! Bet you never thought of your life in days? My perspective is wasting time is for those who see no value in themselves or others. When you value the people and things in your life you cherish and nurture every moment. So what should you do now that you know your number? How about finding better ways to make them count! See the Bigger picture, stop wasting time.

What have you realized that you have wasted time on? Is there something that now you think you are ready to explore and let go of? Do you tend to look at the Bigger picture or stay stuck on the small screen?

Always stress free xo.

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