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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Markings that tell a Story

Ever been fascinated by something as a child and when you heard the grown ups speak about it they made it seem so bad?

Ever see something so beautiful or what you thought was beautiful and when you pointed it out to someone else they saw the opposite?

I have and I am sure so have many others.

This post is about Tattoos.
My Tattoos and the story they tell.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that someone would have such conviction on an image or belief enough to mark their bodies with it. Or that something made such an impression on them that they wanted to carry it with them forever.

Tattoos bring forth many thoughts and emotions. A lot of misconceptions and opinions. They never go by unnoticed that's for sure.
They can be great conversation pieces, they can break the ice, they can even let you know just how judgmental our society can be.

I have 5 Tattoos. My first was in my mid 20's. At the time I got it, it was not very acceptable because of the placement. It is above my butt in the waist area and it was called a "tramp stamp". I never used those words or thought of it as such, but I did run into people who would. Unless I wore an open back or something of that nature or unless you were a close friend, family or my partner you would never see it.
I chose this area because of my admiration for the lower back, I think its a very sensual place on a woman and I wanted the art piece I chose to be an expression of that. I chose vines with yellow Roses and a small butterfly fluttering between them.
Yellow Roses are not a choice many make everyone is stuck on Red, I always have to go my own way and Butterflies are delicate, they start off as not so pretty and break out into this beautiful free spirit.
Rare choices and growth...that is that story.

My 2nd and 3rd Tattoos came in 2007, after I returned from P.R. from visiting my friend Cynthia in the hospital. My visit with her and the reason and circumstances that bought me there changed many things in my life from my beliefs to my daily living actions and emotions.
I got a heart on my left hand wrist that is shaded starting in black at the tip and grows lighter as it expands.
It is to some a Black heart, to me it is a reminder to be loving but be guarded not everyone deserve your love so freely.
I have on the back of my neck the word BROKEN. The font and placement I chose were deliberate, it is a very strong word and one that has caused many NOT me, mixed emotions. I hear many jokes like "who broke you?" or "oh your broken?, how can I fix you?" It lets me know how closed minded many are and how very few people are mindful of words, their meanings, their power, their purpose.
I love this piece, I am so proud of it because I don't see a negative I see growth, experience, openness and life.

My 4th and 5th Tattoos I got in 2012, after a bump on the road changed the course of my life's journey.
On my right foot I got a symbol of the Sun with my daughter's initial E.
She is my sunshine, she is my pride and joy. She is the best part of me and one of the main purposes of me being on this earth. When I put my best foot forward I put my right foot so that is why she has that placement. She is always my inspiration to do my best and even when I don't that I am still loved.
On my right forearm I have an Hourglass with wings.
Time is precious, time is valuable, time is priceless. Once it is gone you can never get it back. Be mindful and respectful of time.

These pieces are an extension of me of who I am, of my life's journey. They are an artistic expression, a creative outlook on all of what life has taught me and of the growth I have experienced.
They are not low class or trashy or mistakes or picked out on a whim. They have been researched, drawn by friends, discussed and thought of thoroughly.

I am not the first and I won't be the last. I shared this because I have found that many people just need to start a conversation. To learn and to be open. Those old school thoughts on Tattoos are ridiculous. The negative labels on people who have them no longer should hold true. All types of people use this form of expression. This is no longer just for group A or group B.

I will say I am firm believer in purpose and reason. I am not about trends or fitting in.
As a parent my daughter has always been aware of my pieces and shared in my experiences.
When she came to her own conclusion that she too loved this form of expression, I had 2 rules:
-after the age of 18. I am not signing anything to give you permission. This is a conscious choice you need to make and you should be held responsible for doing so.
-research and come to me with a clear reasoning behind your choice. If you can't articulate why you want something, then it is not going on your body.

This is a collage of my pieces.
I love them and have no regrets.

As parents it is always important to be true to ourselves. To keep our own identities and not allow it to become just mom or just dad.
Why would we want to loose who we were before our children came into our lives?
Shouldn't they be additions to our all ready greatness?
Why would I stop being a creative and free spirit, if I did so then how could I teach my daughter to embrace these qualities in herself?

Freedom of expression and creativity come in many forms. If we don't really understand something then let's talk about it. Communication.
I wouldn't want my daughter to go behind my back and mark her body just because I wasn't open to a respectful discussion.
I have run into a few kids that have and the results weren't so great. Kids today express themselves in many ways from clothing to hair to piercings to Tattoos. It is really not a big deal. Pick your battles, set some guidelines and let them be.

Always stress free xo


  1. You have great stories behind your tattoos. There are so many people that regret a tattoo and are covering it up or getting it removed.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I absolutely love them, every time I look at them I smile. I am very proud of my choices indeed :) thanks for visit and comments :)

  2. I have 5 as well and I love my body art! I have 2 butterflies, a heart locket (My Mr. Sexy has the key) an autism puzzle pieces with my sons name a purple flower for my grandmother. The butterfly has many meanings but to me I see it as a beautiful transformation. An ugly person can become beautiful. Overcoming your ugly past and making a beautiful future. My tattoos tell a story as well. I am glad you posted this and I ran across it. It has me adding to my blog topic list. I need to tell the story of mine.
    I came across your blog with Meandering Mondays. Now I will follow.

    1. Melissa thanks for visit and comments. I am so glad my post caught your eye look forward to your share!!!

  3. Love your stories.

    I just heard a college professor who was teaching a graduate class in public speaking and one of his students had a sleeve from her wrist to her shoulder. The thing he said was it was a story of her life and she used it during her speeches in class. This motivated him to see tattoos in a different light and now when he strikes up a chat with somebody who has them, he asks them their story. Really interesting.

    1. Wonderful comment Patrjck, thanks for visit and share. In order to grow starting a conversation is all we can ask for hippy!!!

  4. Those are wonderful pieces and beautiful stories! I have 5 myself and I love them all, and all are special to me. One is a red rose with a ribbon wrapped around it 3 times, each section is a different color, and one of my children's names. Another is a Pisces symbol, that looks like the red fish, blue fish. and my hubby and I's name, that we each got for our 10th Anniversary. The other three are one for each of the kids, and one of them my oldest son has one that matches. Thank you so much for sharing on This Momma's Meandering Mondays! Have a great weekend!

    1. Stacey, thank you. Appreciate visit and comments, yours sound lovely maybe you'll share pics some time :). I am currently working on ideas for one my daughter and I can get together it's been two years in planning so let's see what we come up with, chat again soon I hope :)


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