Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chaos met Zen

I want that toy and I want it now. Is the loose translation of a screaming child's thoughts at a toy store.

No sweetheart you can't have that toy at this moment. I understand you WANT it but no.

This ice cream is so yummy I'm going to stuff spoonful after spoonful in my mouth because it's so good and I WANT it.

Honey, slow down. Taste the ice cream, enjoy it. If you just take spoonful after spoonful you won't get your fill and you will miss the joy of its flavor. Slow down.

I am the fastest runner in this playground. I can beat any of these other kids in any race. Watch how fast I can run. Few minutes later he ran so fast he tripped and fell.

Oh darling I told you not to run so fast. I know you have great speed but you do not have to prove it to others all the time.

May you be Happy
May you be Healthy
May you be Peaceful
May you live with Ease

Stress free

Chaos met Zen


  1. I remember. "Be Blessed - No Stress in 2014!"

    1. No stress!!! Thanks Antionette for visit as always :)

  2. Love it, Mari! I really want my chaos to meet Zen soon :)!

    1. Hey Candace, ok so try deep breathing and let me know how it goes lol :)

  3. Replies
    1. Dianne I think it does for all of us at one point or another lol :) Thanks for visit!


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