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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bad Parenting

There I said it.

Most people think it, we all have seen it and now I will comment on it.

Granted there are endless methods of parenting and really who is to say which is best, what is right or wrong but I believe we can all agree that certain things are just not a good idea.

Nothing good can come from:
-over indulgence
-lack of stability
-no set of rules
-lack of consequences
-no sense of responsibility
-lack of compassion
-sense of entitlement
-not being taught how to give back
-lack of manners

These are my thoughts, what do you think? Are any of the things listed above actually positive and can be considered a benefit? Can they work in a Parenting sense? Will they allow for a stress free family life?

Always stress free xo


  1. Love the cartoons and the advice.

    1. Can't take credit for the art work but yes I thought it was cute too thanks for visit Jovina!

  2. Here from the Wednesday linkup!

    Definitely true, but where I find people get mixed up as an outsider looking in is appreciating what's reasonable to expect of the particular child/parent at that particular stage (day/etc).

    People have firm ideas about how much responsibility and what sort of manners others' children should be displaying sometimes, without actually knowing the full story (even how old the child is). They don't always see the consequences. And so on.

    And of course the rest is a big debate about how much indulgence is "over" indulgence etc etc etc :)

    1. Bronwyn, thanks for visit and comments. Valid points indeed. Something that will bring about endless conversations for sure. Hope to see you here again soon. Love the link ups!!!


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